Three great practical uses for Lucid Dreams

Three great practical uses for Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams can be a useful addition to our lives. No longer are those sleeping hours wasted. Once you can fully utilise your dream time, you have effectively regained a third of your entire life. Let’s put it to use!

Overcome your Fears

The only thing to fear is fear itself. A lot of people have repeated this quote, often diluting it to the point of becoming white noise. However this doesn’t detract from it’s impact, it’s still true; we often fear something happen even if it won’t. Tackling fear head on can help us in so many ways, not to mention the confidence boost that comes with overcoming fears.

A Lucid Dream is essentially a sandbox where you can practice real life situations without any fear of repercussions. Because of this, it’s the perfect place to practice everything you are afraid of. Is there a bully at school? Are you scared of going to a certain place in your city? Do you have a fear of spiders?

In a Lucid dream, you can help tackle all of these issues. Your dream body can confront the school bully. You can walk around the rough part of your city at the dead of night. You can hold a thousand spiders and feel the sensation of them crawling over your body and it doesn’t matter, it can’t affect you.

Getting over the first step can kickstart us into tackling these problems in real life. If you’re scared of something, you’ll likely be dreaming about it anyway. It’s the body’s way of tackling issues you face in waking life, so you may as well be there to consciously tackle problems too.

Improve Skills

Having a consequence-free sandbox is great for tackling fears, but there are so many uses for this type of environment. As said above, there are reasons that when we have a focus in life, it takes up much of our dreamtime. We want to improve, and our subconscious is using dream time to practice these skills and work out new ways to proceed.

What is your dream in life, and how can you move towards it? Would you like to be an artist, singer, or somebody creative? Within a Lucid Dream you can create an environment for this; a quiet studio with all the creative mediums you know, or an enormous stage to sing and perform on. The limit is only on you and your goals. You can create perfect environments to practice any skill.

This article by our friends at Harvard strongly backs up this claim; people who can practice within a lucid dream are better at that skill than those who cannot.

Enjoy yourself

With a complete sandbox, you can create anything, or you can let it create itself. It might be tough at first, but when you realise you can do anything within this dream world, it will feel like opening Pandora’s box. Fun is a practical use of our time, even though it might not feel like it. This applies to every aspect of our lives; if you aren’t enjoying something, then you better have a good reason for doing it.

Recently I had the pleasure of having a small chat with a colleague at work about Lucid Dreams, and he says he has them quite often. As soon as he realises he’s in a dream, he flies off and explores his dream world.
Flying is a common goal of many in Lucid Dreams, and a great way to use them. In life, we are often trapped; in a routine, in a job, with responsibilities and with issues we need to tackle. It can be very liberating to be free, if just for a short while.

You can experience the impossible truly. Fly around like superman, become a powerful magician, a kung-fu master, an Egyptian goddess. You’re limited only by your imagination.

Have you used Lucid Dreams for anything particularly special? Let us know in the comments!

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