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The Astral Projection Mastery Challenge is now live, as of March 27 2019. Please see the Challenge Page by following this link for more details. The Challenge follows the same format as the other challenges. There is a sigil present which represents a real world object. Simply focus on the sigil when Astral Projecting, and you should be transported to the object.

The challenge involves describing the object via the submission form. All details and the submission form can be seen on the Challenge page, as well as the current sigil. Sigils almost always consist of letters, so if you forget the form of the sigil, the letters that create the sigil should be enough.

There is no current closing date for this challenge.

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Current sigil description

The Sigil for this challenge is a stylised 3 letter string of the characters Y, H and C. The letters are stacked and joined and placed within two vertical bars. Y,H,C is present under the sigil for illustrative purposes. The sigil is coloured light brown. The sigil is very blocky and is created with only straight lines.

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