The Rope Astral Projection Technique

The Rope Astral Projection Technique

The rope technique (or Rope Method) is probably the second most well known method for Astral Projection, after the Monroe Technique. It can also be tied into the Monroe technique if you wish.

The Rope technique is commonly attributed to Robert Bruce, a prominent character in the Astral Projection literary space. In short, it involves relaxation and visualisation.

The Rope method for Astral Projection very similar to the Monroe method until the vibration stage, where instead of a lack of visualisation, there is instead an application of visualising a specific object (rope).

If you wish to skip to the rope part, read the ‘Before attempting’ and then go straight to step five.

The Rope method for Astral Projection

Before attempting the Rope Method

It’s important, especially if this is your first time attempting astral projection, that you understand a few things.

Firstly, go through the preparation stages listed on the website. These will help get you into a receptive mental state.

It’s also important to know that nothing can hurt you. Fear is the only barrier you face, and while many people have trouble letting go, it can be done, and is achievable for us all.

The rope method is best practised laying down, as opposed to sitting.

Step One

Relax your body.

As in the preparation steps, as well as the Monroe Method, you should already be relaxed.

You should be free of stress, worry and physical discomfort. It might be helpful to tense and release your muscles, but as long as you are calm, still and without distraction, you should continue.

Step Two

Move towards sleep.

Again, as in the Monroe Method; this is to say that you should move your physical body towards sleep.

If you start to feel numb, then that is fine, do not attempt to keep your body awake. It is simply easy enough to lay, eyes closed, and to let your thoughts drift around. When you start to lose physical sensations, you have reached this state.

Step Three

Enhance the feeling of near sleep

Do nothing. ‘This isn’t much of a technique so far!’ you may be saying. It’s true, it sounds like nothing is happening. Physically, you are not moving.

You should begin to look at the darkness in front of your eyes. Some strange things can happen in this state. Your field of vision may feel like it increases, which is an odd but enjoyable sensation.

You may also notice light patterns or noises. It’s safe to ignore them as they will eventually go away. At this stage you may feel like you are falling, floating, or feeling and sensing absolutely nothing at all.

Maintain this feeling!

Step Four

The Vibration state

This is a well known effect within the astral projection phenomenon, but ‘vibrations’ may not be the best way to describe the feeling.

It is a feeling of weightless disorientation, tingling but with substance. Using willpower, you can enhance or decrease the feeling. It is extremely hard to describe in text.

Reaching this stage feels like a milestone or checkpoint. Once you reach this strange sensation, you will be more acclimatised to it on future attempts. If, on your first attempt, you reach this vibration state, then count yourself very lucky indeed!

One thing to remember about this stage is that there should be no rush. It took me a long time to understand that this vibration empty state can be maintained for a very long period of time.

This relaxed, imaginative stage is also very good for exploring your own thoughts and should be seen as the equivalent to a deep, introspective meditation. You can easily create vivid images that can be informative and entertaining in the vibration state.

Step Five

Imagine the rope

This is where the rope technique starts to differ from the Monroe Technique.

You should now imagine a rope, suspended from the ceiling, with the end of the rope dangling a few inches above your head.

Spend some time imagining it, and making it as realistic as possible. Visualise it’s weight, texture, movement. Is it heavy, light, rough, smooth, moving with the breeze or still?

Step Six

Attempt a separation of one limb

When you are comfortable, reach out with an imaginary arm and grasp the rope. If this is your first time, do not attempt anything else. You should feel the texture on your imaginary hand.

Try with a second hand if you wish. I wouldn’t recommend pulling your entire body out yet, but if you feel comfortable, by all means give it a go.

Step Seven

Attempt a full body separation

Imagine your other hand coming up, and grasping the rope tightly. When you are ready and exercising a lot of willpower, imagine yourself pulling your imaginary body up, and out of your physical body.

These things are very hard to explain in text, but when you are there, it will feel natural!

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After your experience, how did you feel? Did you achieve a full experience, or anything strange or new along the way?

Note it all down in your journal. It’s important to know that these methods can be exhausting, so don’t try again the same day.

If you fell asleep, don’t treat it as a failure, just remember to learn from any experience and try again. Let me know how it went for you!

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