Robert Monroe’s Astral Projection Technique

Robert Monroe’s Astral Projection Technique

Robert Monroe is probably the most well known figurehead of Astral Projection in the western world. His methods of achieving astral projection are well known, documented and published.

His main method is probably the best starting point for a newcomer. It is easy to understand, and once you have read the steps, you will easily remember them. If you’ve just stumbled here from Google, you’re in the right place, this one page should help you well enough to achieve your first astral projection experience!

To paraphrase, the aim of the Monroe Technique of Astral Projection is to keep the body asleep, but the mind awake. Once the initial conditions have been met, very little input is needed by the person using the method. Not a true step by step method, the Monroe method is much like a framework that can be tweaked and changed to suit the user.

If you’re just starting out with astral projection, then the Monroe method is a brilliant first start, I would suggest the Monroe method before trying other astral projection techniques.

The Monroe Method for Astral Projection

Before attempting the Monroe Method

It’s important, especially if this is your first time attempting astral projection, that you understand a few things. Firstly, go through the preparation stages listed on the website. These will help get you into a receptive mental state.

It’s also important to know that nothing can hurt you. Fear is the only barrier you face, and while many people have trouble letting go, it can be done, and is achievable for us all. the preparation methods are important for your first time, so be sure to check them out, the smallest thing can ruin a potentially positive experience!

Robert Monroe was focused on the danger of ‘unknowns’. When it comes to Astral Projection, it is best to enter with no fear, as this may damage the entire attempt.

Be sure to read the technique fully before attempting it. There isn’t too much to remember and it will come naturally soon enough. Feel free to return at any point!

Step One

Relax your body.

As in the preparation steps, you should already be relaxed. There is no specific way in Robert Monroe’s method to relax you, but you should be free of stress, worry and physical discomfort. It might be helpful to tense and release your muscles, but as long as you are calm, still and without distraction, you should continue.

Robert Monroe himself preferred to sit in a comfy chair, but you may be better off laying down. Personally, I lay in bed under a thin sheet; enough to keep the cold away but nothing too thick to feel weighing down. Find out what is comfy for you; you need to be able to maintain the posture for a short while, so laying down may be the best if you are just starting out.

Step Two

Move towards sleep.

This is to say that you should move your physical body towards sleep. If you start to feel numb, then that is fine, do not attempt to keep your body awake. It is simply easy enough to lay, eyes closed, and to let your thoughts drift around. When you start to lose physical sensations, you have reached this state.

This is quite enjoyable in itself. Giving yourself time to just lay and think is extremely relaxing. Don’t actively ignore any thoughts, put absolutely no effort in. Just lay and become an observer.

Step Three

Enhance the feeling of near sleep

Do nothing. ‘This isn’t much of a method so far!’ you may be saying. It’s true, it sounds like nothing is happening. Physically, you are not moving. You should begin to look at the darkness in front of your eyes. Some strange things can happen in this state. Your field of vision may feel like it increases, which is an odd but enjoyable sensation.

You may also notice light patterns or noises. It’s safe to ignore them as they will eventually go away. At this stage you may feel like you are falling, floating, or feeling and sensing absolutely nothing at all. Maintain this feeling. Continue laying and observing. Things will start to feel weird and new soon enough.

Step Four

The Vibration state

This is a well known effect within the astral projection phenomenon, but ‘vibrations’ may not be the best way to describe the feeling. It is a feeling of weightless disorientation, tingling but with substance. Using willpower, you can enhance or decrease the feeling. It is extremely hard to describe in text and must be experienced firsthand to be understood.

Reaching this stage feels like a milestone or checkpoint. Once you reach this strange sensation, you will be more acclimated to it on future attempts. If, on your first attempt, you reach this vibration state, then count yourself very lucky indeed, I would consider that a success for a first try!

One thing to remember about this stage is that there should be no rush. It took me a long time to understand that this vibration empty state can be maintained for a very long period of time, almost indefinitely (well, until you fall asleep or need a drink or a visit to the toilet).

It is also very good for exploring your own thoughts and should be seen as the equivalent to a deep, introspective meditation. You can easily create vivid images that can be informative and entertaining in the vibration state. Images in your mind will appear much more vivid than usual.

When you reach the vibration stage, you want to enhance it. It will feel natural, even though you may have no idea what that means when reading this on your phone or computer screen. Making the vibrations stronger will feel disorienting for a short while.

Step Five

Attempt a separation with a limb

Once the vibration period stops or subsides, you should start to attempt separation. You can picture the vibration stage as the ‘separation’. Your consciousness is now in your astral body fully, but your astral body is still inside your physical. You need to test the waters by moving a limb, and then another.

You should begin with an arm, or a leg. Robert Monroe suggests imagining your arm ‘extending’,that is to say, lengthening until it reaches something. You should try this. ‘Extend’ an arm or leg and try to analyse the sensations. It might be helpful at this stage if you have an object nearby. Try to touch it, try to kick it.

It is a strange sensation, mentally moving your body around, but it is said that the feeling becomes natural soon enough. It should be, many people believe that you perform an astral projection every night, you just aren’t conscious of it!

Step Six

Attempt a full separation

You are now in a very strange state indeed, possibly something you have never felt before. The main goal is a full, conscious separation. Once you have partially separated, you should attempt to disassociate yourself with your body. There are many ways to do this.

Imagine your body from a third person perspective, and it may spontaneously happen of it’s own accord. This is quite a powerful little technique, as it enhances the entire experience.

Another similar method here is it imagine yourself a few feet above your body. The link between your body and mind here is said to be very faint. ‘Sense’ your sleeping body under you.

What will likely happen is one of the following; you will black out for a few seconds and realise you are out of your body. There will be no conscious effort involved. If this doesn’t happen, you’ll probably black out, and then wake up a few minutes to a few hours later!

Sleep after an astral projection attempt is an interesting feeling. You will have exciting, vivid dreams and then wake up extremely refreshed. So even if you fail in the attempt, there is still an upside!


After your experience, how did you feel? Did you achieve a full experience, or anything strange or new along the way? Note it down in your journal. It’s important to know that these methods can be exhausting, so don’t try again the same day. If you fell asleep, don’t treat it as a failure, just remember to learn from any experience and try again.

Did the Robert Monroe method work for you? I’d be very interested to hear your comments! Feel free to write about your experience below!

Further recommended reading

Robert Monroe has written a lot of books on astral projection. His three most well known books are below; Journeys out of the Body, Ultimate Journey, and Far Journey. If you’d like more information, simply click an image!

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  1. I want to start this but seems like a really big jump and i am nervous any tips on how to protect myself when i get in and such? What does it look like? All white, dark? Just need info please

    1. Something I did yesterday was to have positive thoughts like: “nothing can hurt me, I am strong” or “I am surrounded by positive energy” or “I am positive”. After, or when I reach the vibrational state my heart usually pumps alot because of my fear, but after a while I felt extremely calm. And when I reached the vibrational stage a couple times more, I was surprised I didn’t have any fear or any fear what might happen when I astral project. I unfortunately have not yet been able to astral project.

    2. The dark will be vivid in astral projection. You won’t be lost. Only your thoughts will carry you to your destination.

  2. Just curious i want to start projecting but want to know how to protect myself against the demons. Any tips? What does it look like? All white, black? Any info is appreciated

    1. Honestly sometimes yes, and it can be scary! You can feel completely disconnected from your body so the usual processes like breathing, swallowing saliva, feeling the room temperature etc, are completely lost to you. You need to work past these sensations; nothing can hurt you.

  3. Hi I’m waleed from Saudi Arabia i have been practicing meditation 6 years ago and trying to do astral projection via meditation that was a big mistake last year ago i did it but you know that was a very short time because it’s something weird it’s like telling you to jump from high place it’s very enjoyable to back to do astral projection these days thanks go to China “ corona “ quarantine.

  4. Few years before reding this article i felt i was flying. Also same feeling occured many times but ignored it. Now also i can achieve that state. Is there any further state i should try ?
    please guide me on this

  5. What is the vibration stage? Can someone describe it to me or give me some idea on what it is or how I can tell I’m in it please.

    1. The vibration stage seems to be a feeling of general disorientation and for want to a better way to describe it, vibration. It’s very hard to actually describe what it is. Imagine you’re on a rollercoaster with your eyes closed, but there’s a sort of shuddering throughout your body.

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