Preparation for Astral Projection

Preparation for Astral Projection

You want to learn to leave your body, but where do you start? Many of the techniques listed will require the following procedure. Astral projection isn’t something you can simply jump into and hope to succeed in within a short period of time, especially if you are doing this alone, and not through a professionally designed course.

Don’t let this discourage you, you certainly won’t need to pay to learn to how to do it, but you do need to know the right conditions for a successful projection. You need to be dedicated and conditioned, and know the correct steps to take.

Many techniques on this page may be familiar to you if you are familiar with meditation techniques, they are all designed to get you into a calm and receptive state; to make your body fall asleep and keep your mind awake.

Suppose, you wish to start a session and attempt a projection. What should you do? There are five main things you should consider first:

Do not disturb

You do not want to be disturbed at all. Do you have children, pets, a noisy partner? You firstly need to find ways to be free of these for the duration. Many successful attempts can be interrupted and ruined by a phone call, an alarm, or a howling dog, for example. You don’t want to be disturbed at all, for an hour or two. Many people choose to attempt astral projection in the early morning, before anybody else is up. This can be quite effective, but everyone has a different schedule. See what times you are free. Try to find an hour where you can have some ‘me time’. If you  have a partner, you may be tempted to attempt astral projection in bed with them next to you.I wouldn’t suggest this; even the smallest breath or movement they cause can be distracting.

Get comfortable

You need to get comfortable. Many suggest laying in bed, some sitting. This is really up to you. You need to be able to remain motionless for a long period of time, so you should wear light clothing, or be naked. You should consider if you’re going to be too warm or too cold. Personally, I like to lay under a light blanket, in bed, with my head on a low pillow. Many suggest sitting, which can be very comfortable for a long period if you can recline. Whichever works for you. Robert Monroe, a pioneer of astral projection, preferred to sit in a comfy lounge chair.

Do not give yourself a time limit

A time limit can make us worry and treat anything like a race. This isn’t a race at all. You want to be able to give yourself as much time as possible. eliminating a time limit is eliminating another concern, and for now you need to be completely relaxed, and free of anything to worry about.


the time of day you choose to attempt to astral project will be one of the deciding factors of your success. While night time seems a logical choice, as you will likely not be disturbed, you should be wary of tiredness, and accidentally falling asleep. Morning can be very good, in fact straight after waking has been shown to increase your success greatly. Because it’s harder to attempt at night, a weekend morning on a day when you have no commitments is usually ideal.

Just ‘Be’

Once you are comfortable, either laying or sitting, you should not concern yourself with anything. Simply be, and let your mind generate and dissipate various images until it calms down. You need to process the sensory input of the day and let your mind calm itself. Once you get to a calm state, you are ready to proceed. At this stage, some perform exercises to get them into the correct mental state.

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