Ear ringing technique

Ear ringing technique

This is a difficult technique to describe, as I’ve read it in a book a long time ago (I can’t remember which one!), but I have trouble finding it on the internet. It’s a very passive technique which requires very little actual effort on the part of the practitioner and a great starter technique. Try the ringing technique if you’re having trouble with the more abstract methods, or if you find your mind wandering.

The Ear ringing method for Astral Projection

Before attempting the Method

As with most other techniques, it is important to go through the preparation stages in order to get into the correct state for practising astral projection. Once these are complete, you should be able to follow the rest of the technique as listed below.

Step One

Relax your body.

As in the preparation steps, as well as the Monroe Method, you should already be relaxed, ideally in bed. Importantly there should be no noise to distract you, as this is an auditory induction into astral projection. Be sure you can happily lay down for an indefinite period of time.

Step Two


You need to start to listen, block out all other sounds and focus on that quiet ringing noise you hear when there are no other sounds. If you find your mind wandering, always bring it back to this soft ringing sound. This stage can take any length of time, likely depending on your current mental state. In any case, it can be a very comfy state to get into.

Step Three

Do not concentrate, but do not lose focus

It’s easy to lose focus, eyes closed and laying on your bed. if you find your mind wandering, then just bring yourself back, gently, to listening to the ringing sound. By giving yourself a light focus, you’re essentially check pointing your progress, if you sway a bit, you can come back without having lost all your progress so far.

Expect auditory hallucinations, and later on, visual ones. These are all to be expected. When they stop, you will likely enter the familiar vibration state.

Step Four

The Vibration state

The vibration state will come on naturally. There is no need to panic here, remember that you can maintain this state easily enough. There shouldn’t be a rush to push through the state, simply listen to the ringing and let it come and go. The entire technique is very passive in this manner, and there should be no stress or panic on your part to make something happen.

Step Six

Experience Astral Projection

You’ll likely not have a choice with this one. What commonly happens is there is a short feeling of lost time, and the practitioner will find themselves floating in their room, or another familiar location. If the technique is successful, then congratulations. With each success, it becomes a little easier the next time.


After your experience, how did you feel? Did you achieve a full experience, or anything strange or new along the way? As this is a new technique, compare it to other techniques you have tried. I quite like this technique as it is less open ended than others;

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