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Hello, and welcome to Astral Projection Mastery. This website for just that, giving you the information, drive and direction to master this once esoteric skill. Astral Projection is a term used for a number of experiences relating to the ability to leave your physical body, and using your consciousness, travel through different states of mind.

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About Astral Projection Mastery

My name is Jack; I’ve been very interested in the phenomenon for many years now, and I’m using Astral Projection Mastery to present everything I’ve learned about Astral Projection in one easy to navigate and interesting to read website.  Astral Projection Mastery is designed to help you on your journey of discovering Astral Projection. You can find Techniques above, which contains a comprehensive list of techniques for achieving an astral projection, as well as related articles in our blog. If you’re proficient in astral projection and wish to have a bit of fun, check out the ‘Astral Projection Mastery Challenge

I hope you enjoy your time at Astral Projection Mastery. Send me an email if you’d like to get in touch.