June site updates

buddha astral projection

Hi all, the site will be updated a lot, and very soon. I’m going to be working on the encyclopedia mainly, as well as adding a few techniques. The format for the encyclopedia has already changed from a hard to navigate system to a very easy one. Let me know if there is anything you’d like to see added, but I have a whole list of things to work through and write up. I’m also looking to source more experiences from people. Please submit an experience if you’d like to.

The challenge is open too, if you’d like to check it out. There will not be another challenge straight after this one, and I will look to do one further in the future.

I also created a discord channel for the website. You can join it through this link: here. There are a few of us in the channel, feel free to suggest anything you’d like to see. I’m looking for moderators / suggestions.

But yes, the site is very much alive. Certain personal things have gotten in the way over the past month but tomorrow is a new day, (a new year for me, as today is my birthday), and I’m hoping to see this site grow very much over the coming year.



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Astral Projection Mastery Challenge 2 – 28th May

challenge 2 sigil

The second Astral Projection Mastery Challenge is now open, please take a look at the Challenge page or read on for some more information. This one will be a bit longer, so please do not rush, and have as many attempts as you like.

Challenge #2


The second challenge follows the same format as the first. You will be present with a code, in this case a sigil. When you attempt an astral projection, focus on the sigil. The sigil is a very basic shape, but it signifies a place,object or person in the real world. Focusing on the sigil, while in the astral, (or, if remote viewing), should take you to the location of the place, object or person. The sigil is the following image:

challenge 2 sigil

For a verbal description, it is an elaborate f with a halo around the top, and a larger ring around the bottom. Personally, I would find that easier to remember than the entire image as a whole.


Once in the correct state, focus on the sigil, or your memory of it at least. You should notice your awareness change to encompass the object, place or person. Remember the sensations and submit them through the form below, or on the challenge page. Currently, images cannot be submitted, so please upload them to imgur or similar and link them in the message body. I’d like to get a better system set up for this, and I will soon.


We also have a discord server (though in it’s very early stages and being worked on)

Feel free to join it by clicking here to discuss astral projection with like-minded individuals


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Astral Projection Experience – Brandon

astral projection experiences


I believe May 8th, 2018. Around 3am in the middle of the night.


in my room, laying on my bed on my side or stomach. No lights on. Physical body was clothed. Room is 67 degrees Fahrenheit, so cold.


Astral projection and lucid dreaming has now become more of an innate skill to me. I didn’t prepare for that Astral encounter. I just randomly got up in the middle of the night, fell back asleep meditating and decided to keep my mind awake so I can have a cool lucid dream. Did not expect Astral projection. I am experienced with AP and OBEs. I’ve recently had 2 successful encounters with a specific group of what looked like young adults, both male and female.

First experience:

I fell asleep, trying to keep my conscious awake. That happened, and it felt like I got sucked through the speed of light right to where they wanted me to be. From what I saw of their world as I was entering the building they were in, this wasn’t Earth. It was still beautiful though, I saw swarms of glittering fireflies moving in beautiful swirls and patterns, some foliage, lots of very complicated mechanics and buildings. So now I’m sucked into where I’m supposed to be… Which is being gently carried by one of the guys (I can’t really walk or coordinate well in my Astral state). I asked them, “Where are you from?” The young woman said, “Albachy, xxx” (I forgot the second place of where they’re from), then she said “but you wouldn’t know it, it’s not from where you’re from.” I then asked how you speak English, and she pointed out these shoelace things in my mouth… Kinda unpleasant, but that’s apparently what’s causing the translation. She then showed me her language, which sounded like no other language I’ve heard in my entire life, and it got me panicked. I woke up.

Second experience:

I came back to the same place as last time. I found them, and they said “follow me” and of course I got lost. I wondered around the place for a little. One woman asked me, “Do I need to get you arrested?”, but they found me soon after luckily. I told them to carry me again, and they did. This time, we arrived to another room. This is the important part. I asked, “what planet is this?” A very kind looking woman told me, “This is Hectavia. **The earth died by year 2500* ” (she said it like 25 hundred) “and * we were able to colonise another planet**.” Not sure if I mentioned, but I wasn’t allowed there. First lifers, as they called me, aren’t allowed. They kept me in a suit with small eye holes apparently to keep me from being seen or something. Those people were human. ** TLDR; Earth destroyed and completely uninhabitable by year 2500. We still have time and hope. We may/will be able to colonise another planet if we continue to advance our tech, so THERE IS HOPE. **


I have been doing everything I can to get back into contact with those beautiful human beings… Or spirits, I don’t know who they are. But I will try to learn more.


If you are interested in submitting an experience of your own, please follow this link to the submission page.

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Astral Projection Mastery Challenge – Challenge 1 Results


Thanks for taking part in the first Astral Projection Mastery challenge! The aim of the challenge is for you to test your own astral projection or remote viewing skill. For every challenge, there is a code posted, which signifies an object or place. If you’d like to participate in the challenge, check out the challenge page.

Challenge 1 – 15 April 2018 Results


The object was an ornamental, iron teapot. As expected, there were not many entries to this challenge. The time-frame was short, and the challenge itself was not well advertised. Sadly, there were not enough entries to make any coherent presentation of data, and of the submitted reports, there were no close matches, for any number of reasons. If you participated but did not send in any feedback, then you may use this post to gauge your own result. The next challenge will be posted soon.

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Astral Projection Diary #2 – 7th April 2018

astral projection grey

astral projection grey

Should you attempt to astral project while you are ill? I’ve read in the past that it can be helpful to; that the bonds between the astral and physical realms are weaker when you are ill. We’re all familiar with fever dreams, maybe astral projection is just a form of fever dream? Well what a gift it was that I’ve been living with a cold for just under a week, and feeling exceptionally weak and heavy. I decided to attempt an astral projection while ill.

Saturday 7th April 2018, 14:20, Attempt #2

Warm and cosy in my bedroom, it’s raining outside. I have a light sheet over my body, and it’s the perfect environment to relax.

As usual I followed the preparatory steps; phone was silent, no distractions. As I was laying in bed, I instantly found my mind racing. I just couldn’t calm down. It’s likely that there are different types of illness and some could possibly help. Having a cold however only made me more and more aware of my physical body, not less! Having an itchy throat and a blocked nose didn’t lend the the experience at all. I tried for around half an hour to even get to a relaxed state but it couldn’t be done. I decided to stop and that it was going nowhere. Sometimes it just doesn’t feel ‘right’, but here I knew it was because I was ill.

After the attempt, I was much more tired than before. Astral projection takes a lot of effort and energy that is probably much better spent on getting better. Because of this, I would not suggest attempting an astral projection while you are ill, at least with a cold. I’m hoping to be better next weekend to give it another shot when I’m not ill.

Have you ever succeeded with an astral projection while you were ill? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear about it.


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Astral Projection Diary #1 – 30th March 2018

Large Astral Projection Mastery logo

Astral Projection has been an applied interest of mine for at least fifteen years now, but I can’t with confidence say that it is an experience that I have achieved. I can’t, with confidence, say that it exists,despite the first hand experience of others, I will never be convinced until I experience it myself. It’s time to take dedicated steps towards experiencing this altered state of consciousness. The nearest I have gotten is the ‘Vibration‘ stage, which in itself is somewhat enjoyable. I find that once you get to a stage, it’s much easier to achieve next time. I need to take steps to push myself over the edge.


I can’t exactly create a website on astral projection without experiencing it myself. As a sceptical person, I need first hand experience before I am able to truly accept something as being real. Personally, at the moment I am leaning towards astral projection being a form of lucid dream. So far, I have experienced everything in the Monroe method up until the final stage. Related to astral projection, I’ve had a number of lucid dreams. I want to know if astral projection is a different experience. I’ll be documenting any attempts here, under the Diary category, with ‘Diary’ and ‘APD’ tags. For each experience, i’ll write a short paragraph about anything that happened, and the situations that led to it. Now, onto today’s attempts;

Attempt 1 – 18:00~ – 30 March 2018

After a long day of doing nothing in particular, I got in bed, with the intent to try the Monroe method. I succeeded in getting to stage 3, and it started to get pretty cosy. At this stage, you can sometimes get overwhelmed with vivid imagery; your mind can go into hyperdrive, creating all sorts of pictures and stories. One quite enjoyable one was an infinite grass field, and I was effortlessly gliding across it, seeing the morning dew brush against my skin, a bit like the computer game ‘Tribes’. It wasn’t like I was actually there. Just imaging flying around, and enhance that somewhat. I could feel the dips and turns and picture everything in my minds eye very clearly. I promptly fell asleep for a short while. There were a number of other thoughts that popped up, each entertaining in their own way.

Attempt 2 – 19:00~ – 30 March 2018

Around an hour later, I woke up. I’m never angry that I don’t achieve the experience (I would be very angry if so!), so I just decided to try again. I have always found subsequent attempts to be less effective, like there is some sort of energy that you use up upon each attempt. This second attempt largely followed the first, but with no visuals. One quite interesting factor was that I was able to physically ‘spin’ my view, which was cool. I could feel the inertia of rotating and see my closed eye view rotating. Very disorienting!


While nothing new was experienced, it was still a pretty relaxing event. Sometimes it’s good to just take a moment and lay in bed to let your mind think. I wasn’t expecting anything to happen, but I’ll read up on some new techniques to try next time. Had a good experience recently? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear about it!

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Astral Projection Mastery – March 2018

Lots of things have happened this month. I’ve been mainly adding to the encyclopedia, though the techniques pages still remain the most popular and most visited. This post is simply a summary of what new articles, techniques and encyclopedia entries have been made this month. Check them out below! If there’s something specific you’d like to see, follow us on Facebook. As you can see, most of my encyclopedia updates begin with ‘A’. I’ve got a big list of things I want to talk about and it makes sense to start from the top!

New Techniques

The Rope Astral Projection Technique

Wake back to bed technique

New encyclopedia entries

Akashic records



Astral plane

Astral projection

Lucid Dream

Alpha Waves

Binaural beats





The encyclopedia entries are really the meat of the site, I hope I proves to be helpful to even one person. Astral projection really is a fascinating topic and there’s so much that can easily confuse someone new to the subject, especially since the topic itself is still very subjective. I’m hoping this site will keep growing over the coming year, so whats next?

Whats next

More techniques!

More encyclopedia entries!

Book recommendations





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Welcome to Astral Projection Mastery!

Early days. And a brief setback which saw the old site get deleted. It doesn’t matter; this site will continue to grow over the coming years. I want it to be a repository and reference for everything relating to astral projection, a phenomenon I’ve been interested in for years. The site will of course have techniques, but also a big reference list for terms, and recommendations for books and other sources of material about astral projection. I hope you enjoy the site; for now, consider following us on Facebook for news on any updates, and for any suggestions you’d like to make.

Firstly, I want to get some solid techniques up. These are by and far the most useful piece of content that could be added to Astral Projection Mastery. I’ve gathered the techniques over the years from many websites and books, and I’d like to share them all. The first one, the Robert Monroe technique, is already up.

Secondly, I want to work on the encyclopaedia for astral projection terminology. Some terms can be very difficult to understand, and I’d like to share this knowledge also.

When the content is there, I’ll start expanding services for the community. I’d love to be able to receive experiences and post them up on the website for discussion, but first, the groundwork will be laid for this to happen.

Finally, everything is going to be free on Astral Projection Mastery. I’ll only ever recommend books and other paid resources which are of high quality.

Hope to see you over the coming years,

Sincerely, Jack

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