Lucid dreams as a portal to Astral Projections

Lucid dreams as a portal to Astral Projections

Lucid dreams and Astral Projection are very closely linked. To some, Astral Projection is simply a type of Lucid dream. This could be possible, and we’ve touched on it before in previous articles.

Even if Astral Projection is a subset of Lucid dreams, the experiences themselves can feel completely different. For starter, a lucid dream can ‘feel’ dreamlike, whereas Astral Projection can ‘feel’ like the real world. As the experiences are linked, it’s possible to go from one to the other, to turn a lucid dream experience into an astral projection-type one.

Again, we have touched on this before. It’s a method in our ‘techniques’ part of Astral Projection Mastery. This method is especially useful if you’re already adept at experiencing lucid dreams; a skill which we can all train.

What is a Lucid dream?

Maybe you’ve just stumbled on this post from google, in which case welcome. Welcome to a weird world of oneironautic fun. You have probably had a lucid dream; a dream you could control. What you may not have realised is that within this lucid dream, you can control everything, and even turn the lucid dream in to an astral projection experience.

If you have seen Inception, or Waking life, then you have a rough idea of what a lucid dream can be like. Sometimes real, sometimes surreal, but you are in control at all times.

How do I turn a Lucid dream into Astral Projection?

There are so many methods to perform astral projection from a lucid dream. We have one method on the site currently, but there are so many more.

If you’re already comfortable with lucid dreams, you can simply perform any astral projection method within the dream itself, it should surely work; as you have complete control over the dream environment as a whole.

Are Lucid dreams and Astral Projection real?

They are, or at least the experience is. Whether it is objective (measurable in the real world) or subjective (only experienced within your own mind) is up for debate. It is very likely you’ll experience a lucid dream within your lifetime, especially if you are interested in the subject.

It’s a nice self-fulfilling hobby. The more you become aware of the possibility that you are in a dream, the more you’ll be conscious of it, and the more you’ll check when in a dream state.

If you want my advice, I would say pursue lucid dreaming. It is a great experience which you can use in so many ways. Lucid dreaming can enhance your life; putting your sleeping hours to use and giving you a completely different world view.

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