Knowns, Unknowns and Beliefs

One thing Bob talks about in all of his books, is the concept of knowns and beliefs. A known is something that you know as the truth, an unknown is something you don’t know(yet?), a belief, is unsurprisingly something you choose to believe as the truth without proof.

I have found it a healthy lens to look at the world through, what do I really know? What do I choose to believe? In terms of Astral Projection and the related, I know the following:

That’s it, really. Everything else is simply, to me, an unknown. Despite owning and running this site, despite reading a lot and owning a fair few books on Astral Projection, I have no definite proof that it exists as a phenomenon.

I remember the internet before astral projection was as well known as it is now. Now, you can go look at YouTube and see all sorts of reviews and videos about astral projection. Years ago, we had none of that. Maybe some Goa trance by the band with the same name, but that’s all (they’re great by the way).

The point is that it’s so easy to read these accounts and get lost in what they talk about, and the experiences they claim to have. You shouldn’t believe what anybody says on the internet when there is money to be made. Nobody is going to make money by doing a boring video where they see nothing, so of course they’re all meeting god and time travelling.

My biggest unknown is of course, ‘is Astral Projection real?’. Real of course can mean a few things, but is it a true, ‘Out of body Experience’, or is it more akin to a vivid lucid dream? Right now I can only believe it is a form of lucid dream, until things change, if they ever do.

Sure, I want this sort of thing to be real, let’s be clear. The human mind is not at all understood yet but we aren’t living in a fantasy world either (well, sort of). To me, right now, Astral Projection simply being a lucid dream makes the most sense.

I’ve been trying the Gateway HemiSync CD’s during lockdown. They are great and I would strongly suggest giving them a try. It has made me tick off some unknowns into knowns, especially being able to consciously change my state of mind. There is a physical different you feel and understand when you go through different states.

I’ve started experimenting with the processes without the CD’s and I’ll post up something about that later, but I enjoy it. I enjoy being able to relax so quickly and mentally sitting there and seeing what my mind conjours up.

I’ve noticed (through analytics) that quite a few people are coming here now, so hi. Thanks. Comments are disabled on everything because of the spam and I don’t plan on turning them back on. Hope you’re all staying well and safe!

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