June site updates

June site updates

Hi all, the site will be updated a lot, and very soon. I’m going to be working on the encyclopedia mainly, as well as adding a few techniques. The format for the encyclopedia has already changed from a hard to navigate system to a very easy one. Let me know if there is anything you’d like to see added, but I have a whole list of things to work through and write up. I’m also looking to source more experiences from people. Please submit an experience if you’d like to.

The challenge is open too, if you’d like to check it out. There will not be another challenge straight after this one, and I will look to do one further in the future.

I also created a discord channel for the website. You can join it through this link: here. There are a few of us in the channel, feel free to suggest anything you’d like to see. I’m looking for moderators / suggestions.

But yes, the site is very much alive. Certain personal things have gotten in the way over the past month but tomorrow is a new day, (a new year for me, as today is my birthday), and I’m hoping to see this site grow very much over the coming year.



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  1. Thank you Jack, I’m very glad to have discovered your website(via FB). I’m new to astral projection and looking forward to learning more. I like the way the site is set up,light and uncomplicated. Cheers, Glynis

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