Is Astral Projection dangerous? (Part 1)

Is Astral Projection dangerous? (Part 1)

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There are many scare stories about Astral Projection on the Internet. You might have read some experiences where people encountered terrifying entities or demonic possession. Without resulting to click bait-style articles, I can safely say that the reality of the matter is that Astral Projection is a very safe thing to do in the most commonly understood sense of the word. it’s safe to be rational with the unknown, so this article will discuss purported ‘dangers’ of the practice.

Internet hype

Everyone wants clicks these days. Everyone wants views. It fuels advertising so they earn money, so of course, people are going to exaggerate in order to attract a larger audience. There are many Youtube videos of terrifying astral projection experiences, told as a complicated story with characters and motives, and many that truly oversell the experience of Astral Projection. Remember that Astral projection is a really personal experience, so it’s easy for people to lie.

“Demonic” possession and other entities

Depending on what you believe Astral Projection is, the very thought of demonic possession is laughable at best. Again, the paragraph above will highlight why this comes up frequently in experiences; people want something to talk about. Astral Projection is about as safe as going to sleep. From what we can rationally observe, it is a personal experience where you disassociate form your body. Any demons you see are going to be those you create.

Its scary, surely that’s dangerous enough?

There may be some truth to this. The first time I felt the vibration stage, I was terrified. And I have been ever since. It’s truly frightening the first few times, but you soon get over it. Fear of Astral Projection is fear of the unknown. Robert Monroe, in basically all of his books, describes how unknowns are what generate fear, and to eliminate unknowns, you have to explore them. The concept of leaving your body to fly around as a spirit is frightening, but it’s just a state of mind, and with enough practice, you’ll get over it.

Has anybody died whilst trying Astral Projection?

It’s unlikely. A common theory is that the plane of existence you experience while astral travelling, is the same as the plane of experience we go to when our physical body dies. I did some research into the main question, and found one article, repeated across many news sites. It told the story of a girl who killed herself while attempting astral travel. It’s very likely just scaremongering. Some cultures treat anything occult as bad, and something to be scared of. Other than this (very poorly written) article, I can’t find anything relating to somebody dying whilst attempting Astral projection. As basically every source says, it is safe to do.

What about my mental state after a successful experience?

This is the only concern you should have when attempting astral projection. If you are not of sound mind, it could affect how you feel during your waking hours. Lots of people claim astral projection has changed their worldview (though for the better). It’s best not to see Astral Projection as an escape form the real world, but as a way to understand more about reality itself. If you find yourself looking for escapism constantly, them its best to talk to a professional who can really help you.

Onto Part 2, for more discussion on the Dangers of Astral Projection…

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