Happy 2019, and a look to the future of Astral Projection Mastery!

Happy 2019, and a look to the future of Astral Projection Mastery!

Thanks for checking in. In all honestly this has not gone to plan at all! I haven’t had to time to work on Astral Projection Mastery at all in the past few months! Sometimes life just takes over and you have to focus on priorities! I’m happy to see the Facebook group has grown to over 1000 likes. Wow! Lets keep that up!

Luckily things in life have reached a plateau now and I’m able to dedicate a considerable amount of time into fixing APM up.

So for this year, expect:

  • More techniques added
  • Current techniques revised
  • More encyclopedia entries
  • Even more book recommendations

I’d like to start interviewing people on their experiences too. I started last year by accepting experience submissions but it was all too soon, the site needs building up much more before things like this can be considered.

The vision is still to be the #1 free resource for Astral Projection on the web, and this is a vision that will not change. To do this only requires one thing, and that is hard work. For starters, there’s a nice new clean layout to emphasise the simple nature of the site. I want it to be as easy as possible to get to where you’d like to go.

I will end this post here, but be sure to follow us on Facebook, and if you like, leave a comment on this post if there is anything you’d like to see!



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