Etheric projection

What is it?

Etheric projection and Astral projection sometimes get confused, as they are similar. In J.H. Brennan’s ‘Astral Projection Workbook’, he defines etheric projection as projecting your consciousness into our reality, and astral projection as projecting your consciousness into higher dimensions. The key is that there is a difference between the two. He defines etheric projection as ‘wandering the world as if you were a ghost.’

Robert Monroe defines his astral projection success as shedding his first body, and then his second, meaning he leaves his physical body, and then his ethereal body, and then lets his consciousness rest in his astral body.

It seems that the terms are becoming more and more interchangeable. The truth is that the experience is subjective, and astral and etheric can blur into one.

Also known as

Ethereal projection

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