Binaural Beats

What is it?

Binaural beats are an auditory hallucination; when two tones of different frequencies are played into each ear, the listener perceives a third, unique frequency. Binaural beats are a major component of Hemi-Sync, a process created by Robert Monroe in order to change the brain state through an auditory stimulus. Binaural beats are shown to be effective in replacing drugs which are designed to help you sleep.

How do binaural beats work?

You will need a set of good quality stereo headphones and the right environment (usually, in bed) in order to maximise the benefit of listening to binaural beats. Once you select a track, each earpiece will emit a slightly different tone. The difference in the tone is the third frequency you will hallucinate. These tones are said to have special benefits. For example; with 200hz in one ear and 205hz in the other ear, the brain will perceive the difference; 5hz. 5hz is know as the Theta wave. Theta waves are associated with REM sleep (good for lucid dreaming), meditation, creativity and deep relaxation. Find out more on the differing brain states brainwaves page.

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