Akashic Records

Akashic Records

What is it?

Everything that has, ever, or will be is in the Akashic records. It contains the sum of human experience. As described as an endless library, and each person has their own book. In traditional Indian cosmology, ‘Akasha’ is a background, an ether which records everything. It does not exist on our plane of existence, but a higher one. There are many theories about what the they are, from a simple background information retention system built into humans, to God itself. This will depend on your belief system, as it strongly suggests a form of predeterminism.

The Akashic records are likely described as a library as that is how we would logically interpret them in a contemporary sense. In future, they may see it as an extensive computer system. The Akashic records can be interpreted in a number of world religions, both current and historic. There are potential links that such a concept existed in ancient Egypt, early Christianity and many religions of the Indian subcontinent; Hinduism and Jainism to name two. It can be linked to being a representation of your soul; thus linking the concepts of Karma and the Soul, for example in Egyptian belief with and Ma’ats feather.

There are documented systems to reach the Akashic records, and to read your own book. You can also read others’ books. Many have said that they found themselves in a type of library during an astral projection experience, which has been linked to being the Akashic records. Many have said that when they read their own book, they regain their sense of purpose in life.

How to access the Akashic records

In history, only those who are deemed worthy have been able to access the Akashic records. This is largely because the process was within the occult. With enough practice, you will be able to access this hall of records, as the Akashic records can be accessed whilst astral projecting. As the astral is a land of will, you will be able to ‘will’ yourself to the Akashic records. Before you attempt this, you should set it in your mind that you are attempting an astral projection to reach the hall of records. It should be clear in your mind; you should have one goal. You should start with a regular technique, whichever works for you. When the astral body is separated, you can simply think to yourself ‘I want to go to the Hall of Records / Akashic Records’ (whichever feels more comfortable). You will then simply be there, as in a dream.

Also known as

Book of Life

Library of Light

Hall of Records

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