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When I was first learning about Astral projection, there were so many terms I didn’t understand. This encyclopedia section will help you understand new terminology relating to astral travel.

Descriptions of each term are concise, and design to give you as much verified information about the subject. If you’d like to learn more about the term, there are suggested links for further reading on the term page.

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Advaita is a concept in Hinduism where every life is connected; everyone is God experiencing every possible eventuality. God, Brahman in the Hindu sense, is creating the reality, and creating life to experience the reality. Robert Monroe touches on the subject with Ashaneen.

Alpha waves

Alpha waves, or the Alpha state are a type of brainwave oscillation commonly associated with a relaxed state of mind. Robert Monroe mentions Alpha waves a lot in regards to a relaxed state, as well as when he touches on Hemi-Sync. The alpha state is important to astral projection; it is the first state your mind should be in before one is attempted.

Check out the Preparation article over at techniques. These are designed to get you into an alpha state of mind, which you can then progress to an astral projection, through a technique of your choosing.

Akashic records

Everything that has, ever, or will be is in the Akashic records. It contains the sum of human experience. As described as an endless library, and each person has their own book. In traditional Indian cosmology, ‘Akasha’ is a background, an ether which records everything. It does not exist on our plane of existence, but a higher one. There are many theories about what the they are, from a simple background information retention system built into humans, to God itself. This will depend on your belief system, as it strongly suggests a form of predeterminism.

The Akashic records are likely described as a library as that is how we would logically interpret them in a contemporary sense. In future, they may see it as an extensive computer system. The Akashic records can be interpreted in a number of world religions, both current and historic. There are potential links that such a concept existed in ancient Egypt, early Christianity and many religions of the Indian subcontinent; Hinduism and Jainism to name two. It can be linked to being a representation of your soul; thus linking the concepts of Karma and the Soul, for example in Egyptian belief with and Ma’ats feather.

There are documented systems to reach the Akashic records, and to read your own book. You can also read others’ books. Many have said that they found themselves in a type of library during an astral projection experience, which has been linked to being the Akashic records. Many have said that when they read their own book, they regain their sense of purpose in life.

In history, only those who are deemed worthy have been able to access the Akashic records. This is largely because the process was within the occult. With enough practice, you will be able to access this hall of records, as the Akashic records can be accessed whilst astral projecting. As the astral is a land of will, you will be able to ‘will’ yourself to the Akashic records. Before you attempt this, you should set it in your mind that you are attempting an astral projection to reach the hall of records. It should be clear in your mind; you should have one goal. You should start with a regular technique, whichever works for you. When the astral body is separated, you can simply think to yourself ‘I want to go to the Hall of Records / Akashic Records’ (whichever feels more comfortable). You will then simply be there, as in a dream.


Ashaneen is the name of a character in Robert Monroe‘s books ‘Far Journeys‘ and ‘Ultimate Journey‘. Ashaneen acts as a mentor to Robert Monroe as he explores the astral reality. Robert Monroe realises that he is Ashaneen, though a past incarnation; in short his future self is helping his past life out. Monroe first experiences being called Ashaneen in Far journeys, and it was a name he instantly felt familiar with. Monroe hints at a belief in reincarnation, and that all human souls are linked, a concept known as Advaita.

Astral Plane

There are a lot of interpretations. The astral plane is best described as another dimension of reality parallel to our current dimension. there are numerous models of where the astral plane sits. Some place it in a hierarchy of dimensions, sometimes as many as seven; going from our current mundane one, to many levels of experience all the way to godhead. Other say there are only two, the living world and the astral plane, and finally, some say that it doesn’t even exist, and is purely an expression of the subconscious.

A popular view of the astral plane is that it in appearance it is much like our own level of experience. You can see objects, and real life places. Many believe that when you die, you go here, and can act as a disembodied spirit; visit places and see things that have or will occur in real life, before moving on to another state of being; reincarnation or some form of ascension. As well as being like a mirror copy of our dimension of existence, the astral plane can also interact with thoughts and emotions; you can change your perceptions and create through will alone.

Astral projection is the most documented way to access the astral plane. This is a process whereby the mental part of the self (sometimes referred to the soul) becomes temporarily disconnected with the physical part of the self, the body. The soul part can then experience these other realms of consciousness.

Astral Projection

Astral projection is an exercise where a person willingly aims to separate their mind and body for the purposes of exploring alternate realms of consciousness. Astral projection is well documented, although there remain sceptics. The truth is that there has been no hard scientific study into proving astral projection as a scientific fact.

Astral projection has many contemporary practitioners, as well as historical ones. There are many historical tales of the mind going on a fantastic journey while the body remains at one location. Stories are especially prevalent in cultures of the Indian subcontinent, where many forms of yoga include practices that are similar to astral projection.


Bilocation is a concept in remote viewing, and sometimes used in astral projection, and has the same meaning for both. Bilocation defines the state when the physical body and the consciousness are residing in two separate locations. More used in remote viewing, bilocation means when the remote viewer is perceiving the intended target mentally, separate from the physical body. Bilocation usually refers to a near full awareness of the intended target, so much that the viewer can feel so immersed that they believe themselves to actually be there.

Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are an auditory hallucination; when two tones of different frequencies are played into each ear, the listener perceives a third, unique frequency. Binaural beats are a major component of Hemi-Sync, a process created by Robert Monroe in order to change the brain state through an auditory stimulus. Binaural beats are shown to be effective in replacing drugs which are designed to help you sleep.

You will need a set of good quality stereo headphones and the right environment (usually, in bed) in order to maximise the benefit of listening to binaural beats. Once you select a track, each earpiece will emit a slightly different tone. The difference in the tone is the third frequency you will hallucinate.

These tones are said to have special benefits. For example; with 200hz in one ear and 205hz in the other ear, the brain will perceive the difference; 5hz. 5hz is know as the Theta wave. Theta waves are associated with REM sleep (good for lucid dreaming), meditation, creativity and deep relaxation.

Dream Characters

Dream characters are usually recurring characters that you will see in a dream. Quite simple! A dream character can be somebody you know in real life who pops up in a dream, or a completely new person or a stranger. Any entity you interact with in a dream can be considered a dream character, and it can get interesting when they are recurring.

You can talk to dream characters to a very deep level, and while these characters may seem like separate entities, they are an expression of your inner mind; fears, desires. You will often dream about people you know in real life within your dreams; especially if that person is currently significant in your life.

Etheric projection

Etheric projection and Astral projection sometimes get confused, as they are similar. In J.H. Brennan’s ‘Astral Projection Workbook’, he defines etheric projection as projecting your consciousness into our reality, and astral projection as projecting your consciousness into higher dimensions. The key is that there is a difference between the two. He defines etheric projection as ‘wandering the world as if you were a ghost.’

Robert Monroe defines his astral projection success as shedding his first body, and then his second, meaning he leaves his physical body, and then his ethereal body, and then lets his consciousness rest in his astral body.

It seems that the terms are becoming more and more interchangeable. The truth is that the experience is subjective, and astral and etheric can blur into one.

False awakenings

Most of us have probably seen Inception, a film that is inspired by Lucid Dreams. It’s very common to feel as if you are dreaming within a dream, and to wake-up from the nested dream into the surrounding dream as if everything is normal. Lucid dreams are heavily tied to false awakenings, and it has been seen that you are more likely to experience a Lucid dream in the same night that you have a false awakening.

Waking Life is a film written around the whole idea of Lucid dreams, where the main character constantly experiences false awakenings within a Lucid dream environment.


Hemi-Sync is actually a brand name for a programme which utilises binaural beats. The process was designed by well known astral projection researcher Robert Monroe. The phrase ‘Hemi-sync’ has become synonymous with binaural beats to a degree. Hemi-sync is short ‘Hemispheric Synchronisation’. By using binaural beats, the programme allows the user to change their brainwave pattern to enter a desired state.

Monroe Institute

The Monroe institute is a research organisation created to explore human consciousness. It runs a programme called ‘Gateway’, and promotes Hemi-Sync products.

Lucid Dream

A lucid dream is a dream that the dreamer has become aware of, and can consciously manipulate through varying degrees of control. It is similar to an astral projection in that the dreamer is experience consciousness outside of the body.

Lucid dreams have inspired many works of fiction, notably the 2010 Sci-Fi movie ‘Inception’, in which characters explore differing levels of lucid dreams.

Lucid dreaming can happen spontaneously, sometimes when the body is under stress, fatigue or illness. Sometimes, in a dream you may just see something that you know cannot be real, and will be aware you are in a dream.

A personal experience of mine is seeing somebody I knew was dead, then realising it was a dream, I was able to control my own actions. Some astral projection methods, notably the wake back to bed technique have been known to cause lucid dreams.

Reality check

A reality check is just that, a test on reality. Most commonly used in Lucid dreaming, reality checking helps the performer to realise whether they are currently awake or not. It sounds silly, but a reality check can be all the different between having a regular dream or a fantastic adventurous lucid dream.

Reality checks should be performed often, usually as soon as the dreamer thinks about it. It’s through this habitual ritual that the checks show their value. Constantly checking reality means you will eventually incorporate this practice into your dreams, and in a dream, these checks fail!

There are many ways to perform a reality check! One of the most common is putting an ‘A’ (for’ ‘awake’) on your hand. Every time you think about it, have a look. If you see an A, then you’re awake. If you see anything else, then it’s likely you’re in a dream.

Another common method is to use light switches. This is illustrated well in the film Waking life. Light levels rarely change in a dream so to alter them in any way means that it’s likely you are awake. In a dream, a light switch will have no effect.

Remote viewing

Remote viewing is the practice of consciously seeking out another location mentally; receiving images, sights and impressions of the location or object in question. Remote viewing is generally regarded as pseudoscience and has no scientific basis, how ever there have been some sessions with surprising results. Usually, a remote viewing session will have two participants. A controller and a viewer. The controller assigns a code to an object, and, focusing on the code, the viewer attempts to see what the object is.

Remote viewing is similar to astral projection. Both share the same concept of bilocation. Remote viewing differs however, as the viewer never loses physical consciousness, and can easily return to a waking state.

Remote viewing has been investigated for military purposes. The most well known programme Project Stargate, with aims to research the military potential for remote viewing.


ROTE is a concept created by Robert Monroe to refer to a means of transporting information in the astral realm. ROTE stands for ‘Related organised thought energy’. Monroe describes it as a ‘condensed ball of thought and ideas’. Receiving a ROTE from some sort of higher being is said to be overwhelming at first, thought you are able to dissect the information later at your leisure; it is effectively implanted into your memory.

Robert Monroe

Robert Monroe is a prominent person within the field of Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences, first having popularised the concept in the west with his book ‘Journeys out of the Body‘. You will see his name a lot on this website and any others dealing with astral projection. Robert Monroe initially worked in radio broadcasting and performed research into altered states of consciousness, ultimately founding The Monroe Institute.

Silver cord

The silver cord is a well-known symbol in the astral plane, connecting the physical body with the astral body.  Many claim to see it when projecting, the cord connected to either the head or the torso.

The purpose and shared symbology is a mystery, why have so many people seen this same symbol, and others not seen it at all? Many think the cord exists to show that the projector cannot get lost, and it’s been known to be a fast way back to the body if the projector feels they need an experience to end as quick as possible.

There have been written experiences of projectors attempting to sever the silver cord to see what happens, though this may be dangerous as some have suggested that the silver cord breaks upon death.

The silver cord, however, is unbreakable, it seems. Robert Bruce, in his book ‘Astral Dynamics’, explores the silver cord further. There are indeed a lot of theories about the silver cord; Astral projection is a very subjective experience, so you may or may not see the silver cord.

Time Travel

Time travel is a well known concept; the ability to travel at will to the future or past. Is it possible to time travel in the astral realm? There are a number of sources to suggest that it is! Time travel is definitely a common concept within remote viewing, as evidenced through the works of David Morehouse, where he recounts his experiences in a government remote viewing programme.


‘Vibrations’ are a much talked about subject in Astral projection, especially the Monroe method. ‘Vibrations’ usually refers to a period in an astral projection attempt when physical sensation of the body changes from your regular state (think of how your body feels now, reading this) to a more aware, tingly feeling. It has been stated that the vibration stage happens every night just before we lose consciousness.

Personally, I wouldn’t describe them as vibrations, but more of a blended feeling where your body and whatever you are laying on start to merge. The actual feeling is different for everybody; it can range from tingling, like when you have numbness, to a more inertia driven state of disorientation.

The vibration stage is the final stage that happens before a successful attempt. It is from this stage that you separate.

It’s important to remember a few things about the vibration stage. Firstly, that you can control these vibrations mentally. They are a mental event and something you can stop, slow down or increase. Many techniques suggest enhancing these vibrations, and then a separation will occur naturally, with little effort. Secondly, there is no time limit or rush here. You don’t need to do things as quickly as you think you should. This is a state that can be maintained indefinitely. I used to get caught up rushing through them and spoiling the whole attempt. Take your time and realise these are the feelings you will feeling you wish to attempt astral projection. Finally, remain calm, if you start to get agitated or worried, then the process will slow down and stop.

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