Eliminating distractions for an Astral Projection attempt

Eliminating distractions for an Astral Projection attempt

One of the biggest reasons that an attempt will fail is because of a real life distraction. For better or worse, modern day life is not ideal when attempting astral projection. Distractions come in many forms and can ruin an otherwise viable attempt. Lets talk about four of the most common distractions that might ruin an otherwise successful attempt.

Children / Animals

As the saying goes, never work with children or animals in television. The same can be said of astral projection. You need a calm quiet environment in order to prepare and succeed. Imagine this, you’re settling down for an attempt, but then you hear some screaming or crying from another room, your dog start barking and you can get back to that state. In order to succeed, you need to have some time alone, and sometimes this just can’t be possible with children or animals.

Luckily, both can be adapted to a schedule. Children and animals can both expect to wake up at a certain time and have some sort of routine you can work around and adapt to. It might take some work, and with others involved, there is always a degree of uncertainty.

Mobile Phones

Truly the piece of technology that has come to symbolise our current lives; the mobile phone is always with us. We are always connected; to our family, friends and essentially the breadth of human knowledge. being connected all the time might not seem bad,but when you want some time alone, it really can be.

If you want to practice astral projection, you’re going to need to become acquainted with your phones silent function. Better yet, turn it off when you want to practice. A slight vibration here or an alarm there can ruin an entire attempt. You need to turn off your phone. Luckily, you should be practising early in the morning when nobody else is awake, but if there is only one point you take from this entire article, it should be that. Turn off your phone!

Climate and surroundings

Be comfy. Be content. A little too warm or a little too cold, clothing too tight or too loose. A sheet that is too heavy or a slight draught whipping round the room. All of these can affect an astral projection attempt. You need to be disassociating yourself from reality, not constantly being reminded of what is around you. You should have your environment set up the same as when you wish to sleep.

It has probably happened to all of us. We settle down with the intent to attempt an astral projection. Everything is going well for the first few minutes. You’re in the right state of mind but suddenly, your bedsheet is feeling a bit too close around your neck, your foot is poking out of the bottom and it’s getting cold. It’s inevitable that you’ll start to notice some things, but it’s important to minimise your connections to reality.

Start by laying still for ten minutes or so, before attempting anything. Let your body soak up it’s new position and environment. If you’re happy, then continue. If not, then adjust what you need to do and try again.


Something I noticed when I got a full time job for the first time; “When am I going to practice now?” It just falls down to the weekends. You need to be free of time limits to succeed at astral projection. If you have a fulltime job, then you need a calm weekend morning set aside. Once a week is probably enough really, especially when you’re starting out. Attempting astral projection before work is a very bad idea, you’re likely to have thoughts about work racing through your mind.

I hope the article has been some help for you. Good luck out there! be sure to follow us on Facebook if you’d like to see updates, and leave a comment on this post if you feel so inclined. – Jack

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  1. I like to drink some herbal tea that helps me to relax, because sometimes I get so hyped up, and then have issues with falling asleep. Thanks for writing this article.

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