Can Astral Projection really be dangerous? (Part 2)

Can Astral Projection really be dangerous? (Part 2)

This is one of the most common questions asked about Astral Projection. Is Astral Projection Dangerous? Without resorting to clickbait and dragging the reader on until the end of the paragraph, I am quite confident in stating that No, Astral Projection is not inherently dangerous, but there are some things to consider before jumping in. Check out the previous article on this topic for a catch-up!

You may have heard horror stories of peoples’ travels in to the Astral Realm, but be aware that humans as a whole like to tell a good story. Take others experiences with a grain of salt as Astral Projection can be quite subjective as well as personal, so I would ask you to try to experience it for yourself first before reading too many experiences from other people.

Can I get lost while Astral Projecting?

It didn’t take long for our friend, the Silver Cord to show up. Commonly reported, and often regurgitated online and in books, the Silver Cord is a mainstay of Astral Projection lore. Be aware that you might not ever see it. Until you have experience Astral Projection, you can’t be aware of how subjective it is. I would gamble that many people see a silver cord when they project simply because they expect to.

However the symbolism of the Silver Cord is present; it is there like a ball of thread unfurled through a maze. If you get lost, you can always follow it back. Regardless of whether you can see the silver cord or not, the effects of it will always be present. Is the experience getting too much for you? Think about returning to your body and you will. This is, in essence, the purpose of the silver cord; it links your mental, astral body to your mundane, physical one.

Can I be possessed by a demon while Astral Projecting?

While it is fun to get lost in the world of the Occult, it’s also important to be sceptical and rational about any practice you are attempting. How many cases of demonic possession have you seen or heard about? Likely none. As mentioned, Astral Projection is a subjective experience, and while you might meet characters and entities, none of them can ‘take over’ your body and force you to do anything.

While projecting, you retain mastery over your own self. And while yes, it is possible that you experience something scary or spooky, nothing lasting will occur, and nothing any worse than watching a scary movie will affect you.

Stories like possessions and hauntings and other adverse effects can negatively affect your attempts at Astral Projection. During any attempt, you may remember something you have read from another’s scary experience, and it could distract you enough to cause the attempt to fail. It has happened to me many times!

Does Astral Projection cause Sleep Paralysis?

Not exactly, but the other way around surely is possible. Sleep paralysis can lead to Astral Projection. Some have said that Sleep Paralysis is an early stage, or pre-Astral Projection. There certainly are some similarities; the projector needs to be essentially paralysed in order to attempt astral projection, and during this state, the projector can experience some weird and wonderful hallucinations.

So, are there any actual dangers to Astral Projection?

There are dangers, but they are largely mundane and physical in nature, and not inherently related to the experience itself, but the person experiencing it.

Taking care of your body

The biggest danger is that while projecting, your body is vulnerable, as you are when sleeping. You should be sure to attempt Astral Projection in a safe space, where you cannot be harmed, and where you will be safe when waking up.


While the astral realm is a worthy experience, it can be easy to get caught up in it. Once you are successful, you might want to spend as much time as you can projecting. Remember that you’re alive in the physical world for a reason! Try not to go overboard, use Astral Projection to supplement your life, not take over it.

Personal fear

Finally, and with a point possibly contrary to that above, you should be mindful of your own mind before attempting Astral Projection. You may see scary images, meet terrifying entities and otherwise become unsettled. If you are not prepared to experience the worst, then you shouldn’t attempt Astral Projection just yet. If you scare easily, it is unlikely that you are yet mature enough to succeed in Astral Projection. Work on cultivating your mindset before you go any further.


I hope this article has been helpful. As you can see, Astral Projection is not the scary mystic experience that many claim it to be. If you happen to have a good experience or have anything further to add to this list of ‘dangers’ (or not-dangers), then by all means leave a comment!

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