Astral Projection Resources

This page lists all of the resources, both internal and external, which you may find of use. If you have a question about astral projection, you should be able to answer it through at least one link on this resources page (likely the FAQ!)


Astral Projection FAQ

No idea where you are? What the heck is Astral Projection? The FAQ is your best place to look. Ever growing, the FAQ answers most of the commonly asked questions about Astral Projection, including all of the questions i wanted to know when I was starting out! Check out the FAQ here!

Astral Projection Guide

So now you know what Astral Projection is, you might want to learn how to do it. While we do list many popular techniques, there are other things to consider. Our popular guide will take you through the first steps and onto your first experience. You can find the guide here!

Astral Projection Techniques

Techniques are the most popular past of Astral Projection Mastery. Once you know what you’re doing, you can follow a technique to prompt an experience. There are also methods there to get yourself into the right mindset. Check out the techniques here!

Astral Projection Encyclopedia

Akashic what? Silver who? What are all these things? Astral Projection is full of a bunch of weird terms you’ve never heard before. The Astral Projection Encyclopedia lists these, and is always growing. Check it out here!

Navigate the Astral Plane

A treatise into Astral Projection, written from an outside source, and carefully edited to be easily readable. What to expect in the astral realm, astral projection theory and thought are at the centre of ‘Navigate the Astral Realm’, a lengthy read suitable for a commute or simply to pass the time! Check it out here!

The Lucid Dreamers Diary

Another long article, this time on Lucid dreaming; focusing on every aspect, a perfect way to kill a commute and pick up some helpful knowledge on the way; techniques, experiences and more in the ‘Lucid Dreamers Diary. Check it out here!

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