Astral Projection Mastery – March 2018

Astral Projection Mastery – March 2018

Lots of things have happened this month. I’ve been mainly adding to the encyclopedia, though the techniques pages still remain the most popular and most visited. This post is simply a summary of what new articles, techniques and encyclopedia entries have been made this month. Check them out below! If there’s something specific you’d like to see, follow us on Facebook. As you can see, most of my encyclopedia updates begin with ‘A’. I’ve got a big list of things I want to talk about and it makes sense to start from the top!

New Techniques

The Rope Astral Projection Technique

Wake back to bed technique

New encyclopedia entries

Akashic records



Astral plane

Astral projection

Lucid Dream

Alpha Waves

Binaural beats





The encyclopedia entries are really the meat of the site, I hope I proves to be helpful to even one person. Astral projection really is a fascinating topic and there’s so much that can easily confuse someone new to the subject, especially since the topic itself is still very subjective. I’m hoping this site will keep growing over the coming year, so whats next?

Whats next

More techniques!

More encyclopedia entries!

Book recommendations





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