Astral Projection Mastery Challenge

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The Astral Projection Mastery Challenge is an ongoing personal challenge. Similar to remote viewing, Astral Projection allows the mind to leave the body and explore the earth and other realms. Many experiments have tested Astral Projection, so why not another?

How do I participate in the challenge?

Every challenge will be present with a code, this is essentially a ROTE, that signifies that specific object. The code itself has no inherit meaning, and gives no clue to the actual object. This happens similarly to remote viewing. You have to find the object and describe it. How would you go about this?


Attempt an Astral Projection. While projecting, think of the given code. You should then see the object. Describe your findings with the form in the link below, as much as you can; size shape colour texture. Results will be posted when the challenge ends.

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What is the Object?

There are no given guidelines or clues for what the object will be, other than that it is a physical object present on the Earth. It could be something as small as a pea, to something as large as a building or larger. The first practice challenge object was a unique ornate teapot.

What do I get if I guess the object correctly?

There will be a prize once somebody correctly guesses the object to a level that I am happy with. once this challenge is over, there will be a page on this website recording each challenge, and any correct guesses as a sort of “Hall of Fame”

This doesn’t work, does it?

I have no idea, that’s why this is a challenge. Read up on the Stargate Project, it’s very interesting and relevant here.

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