Astral Projection Mastery Challenge 2 – 28th May

Astral Projection Mastery Challenge 2 – 28th May

The second Astral Projection Mastery Challenge is now open, please take a look at the Challenge page or read on for some more information. This one will be a bit longer, so please do not rush, and have as many attempts as you like.

Challenge #2


The second challenge follows the same format as the first. You will be present with a code, in this case a sigil. When you attempt an astral projection, focus on the sigil. The sigil is a very basic shape, but it signifies a place,object or person in the real world. Focusing on the sigil, while in the astral, (or, if remote viewing), should take you to the location of the place, object or person. The sigil is the following image:

challenge 2 sigil

For a verbal description, it is an elaborate f with a halo around the top, and a larger ring around the bottom. Personally, I would find that easier to remember than the entire image as a whole.


Once in the correct state, focus on the sigil, or your memory of it at least. You should notice your awareness change to encompass the object, place or person. Remember the sensations and submit them through the form below, or on the challenge page. Currently, images cannot be submitted, so please upload them to imgur or similar and link them in the message body. I’d like to get a better system set up for this, and I will soon.


We also have a discord server (though in it’s very early stages and being worked on)

Feel free to join it by clicking here to discuss astral projection with like-minded individuals


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