Astral Projection Mastery – 2022 and beyond

Astral Projection Mastery – 2022 and beyond

I’ve not updated APM in a while now, there was no need to. Getting caught up in mundane matters tends to drain my inspiration for the spiritual. The other week I had a very vivid lucid dream. I’d previously gone to an Astral Projection themed meet-up (they exist!) and found the experience to be very interesting; people talking about exercises and experiences.

A week or so later, I did have a lucid dream. I was in bed, my old bed at my parents, it doesn’t even exist anymore. I was simply laying in bed and I knew it was a dream, I wasn’t sure if it was an astral projection experience or not at first, but looking back now, I can say it was simply a lucid dream.

I remembered something somebody said at the meet-up; if you want to get up and you’re in the right state, just get up. I got up. I was next to my bed, it worked! I was floating, and then I floated around my house. Not so dramatic, it’s more like I was in a static position and I was rotating the environment.

The point of this; I’m still very interested in lucid dreams and astral projection. I opened up the todo list for the site and had a look at where I left it. There was an awful lot I planned here. For now though, I’ve gone through, removed many the ads served by Google and fixed some little issues. I see some people visit still, so the site will remain as long as it seems useful to others.

I’ll look at the site when I have time and update and add things as best I can. I’d love to make a blog series about the Gateway experience and my experiences with it, and I’d like to share some related resources to help others with it.

Anything you’d like to see? Drop a comment here.

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