The Definitive guide to Astral Projection

The Definitive guide to Astral Projection

Hi. I’m Jack, and I know exactly why you’re here. I was in the same position many years ago. You’ve heard of Astral Projection, and you want to try it. Buckle your sleep-belts, as this article, ‘The Definitive guide to astral projection’ should be able to guide you to your first astral projection experience, in no time at all!

Maybe you’ve tried a few techniques to no result. Maybe you’re a complete sceptic? Maybe you’re just on a late night internet binge or decided to read something a bit fruity on your commute. In any case, this guide is for you.

This is the guide to Astral Projection that I wish I had when I was starting out. This entire site, Astral Projection Mastery, in fact, is the type of resource I wish I had when starting out on my astral projection journey.

This guide aims to take a absolute beginner with no experience to a confident and able astral traveller. Nothing is required or asked, it’s completely free!

No dodgy sales pitches, no hidden information, no page lock-outs. This is a 100% free guide to teach you the magic of astral projection. I hope you enjoy it! if you feel like reading further, further reading resources are available, dotted throughout the article.

As you may have seen from the rest of the site, there is a strong belief that remote viewing, astral projection and lucid dreams are all aspects of the same phenomenon. There is a lot of crossover, but a few differences in technique and practice, as well as related dangers!

Learning Astral Projection is the key to heightening your abilities in both lucid dreams an remote viewing. Lets get started with Astral Projection Mastery!

Astral Projection : Getting Started

What is Astral Projection?

Astral projection is an esoteric practice where a person tries to separate their mind and body for the purposes of exploring the astral plane. As a phenomenon, it is well documented. Astral projection has many practitioners nowadays, as well as historical mentions. It’s a fascinating subject ( I sure think so, I made this website!)

In short, a person will find a quiet location and through a form of meditation, will separate their ‘mind’ and body. What follows is the experience of being a ghost in the real world, as well as being able to enter other planes of existence.

Is Astral Projection real?

As Morpheus from The Matrix would say, “How do you define real?”. There are experiences people have had, and have verified, however there have been no solid scientific studies into Astral Projection.

It is worth doing, even if it is a very subjective experience. Astral Projection can change your world view in an instant. Many who experience it are soon convinced of life after death. Whether it is real or not is up to you, and while it is sensible to remain sceptical, you should still at least give it a try. I promise you’ll be surprised at the results.

What do I need to start Astral Projecting?

Good news. Astral Projection is cheap. You do not need to buy anything. You just need a comfortable place to lay or sit down, and some time alone. That’s it. Really. Nothing else. You don’t need a course, a CD, a book or anything else to start.

it can be helpful to record your experiences in a notepad, similarly to how you would record dreams if you wish to learn Lucid dreaming.

Astral Projection is something humans have been doing for millennia, so there is no need to rely on anything but the rhythm of your own body.

What are the dangers of Astral Projection?

Physically, there are none. You may have read a lot of horror stories about Astral Projection, about nightmarish creatures and spirits which stalk the practitioner around and torment their lives, or you may have read about grand adventures through time and space which completely change the projector.

While it is a mind blowing experience, Astral Projection is completely safe. You cannot be physically hurt in the Astral realm, nor can anything stop you from coming back to your body. The worst part about these horror stories is that reading them can be so off putting that it’ll stop you ever trying!

Go into Astral Projection with an open mind and heart and you’ll be completely fine.

How do I get started Astral Projecting?

It’s easy to get started, but it’s important not to expect results on the first one, two or ten attempts. Even a failed attempt can be very interesting. The process of achieving a successful out of body experience is quite enjoyable, and can be a great way to start the day!

You’re going to start by essentially performing a special type of meditation, and then ‘separating’ your mind and body. For this first attempt, we will perform a variation of the Monroe Method for Astral Projection.

Preparations for the Monroe method

You will need some time where you aren’t disturbed. A Saturday or Sunday morning alone is a common time to start an attempt. No phone calls, no loud children or pets. Be sure you won’t be disturbed. It is very important that you have no time limit. You need to just be able to relax.

You should turn off your phone. Any disruption can ruin an otherwise viable Astral Projection attempt. We often forget how distracting our phones can be!


Step one is to relax. When you start you’re likely wide awake, ready to do your usual daily routine. This is State-1, your regular waking thoughts and feelings.

You know what makes you comfortable. Laying in bed is common, but you may also try sitting. If you are laying down, wear loose clothing and leave your arms at your sides, slightly spread. Close your eyes and wait.

Move towards sleep

Moving towards sleep is easy. We do it every day. The important thing is not to rush. If a thought comes into your head, then think it. Let your mind deal with it and it’ll go away. Don’t actively try to ignore thoughts.

Simply listen to your thoughts, pay them attention as they come and go. Our lives are hectic, whether you have a job, or if you’re a student still at school. It’s rare that you get enough time to just lay down and think. You may come to some interesting solutions now that you’ve given yourself the time!

Enhance the feeling of sleep

This is easy to do, and will come naturally. The more you lay and think, the less aware you’ll feel of your body. This is an interesting state to be in.

I call this State-2. This is when you are not aware of your body, and you start to have very vivid thoughts, and sometimes visual hallucinations.

There are a few things to be aware of here. This state will not go away unless you want it to. You can remain here as long as you want. Don’t feel rushed to progress.

The “Vibration state”

Ah the vibration state. You’ve probably heard of it. I don’t really feel them as vibrations, it’s more like a disorientating feeling where gravity keeps changing. Everyone feels this different.

Good news: reaching this stage on your first attempt is brilliant. Honestly congratulations. You should feel proud to make it to the vibration state on your first attempt.

The vibration state should be called State-3. It’s very like State-2. You will feel strange. You will see things in your minds eye but they are only thoughts. You likely won’t be aware of your body at this stage. You are just consciousness existing within inky blackness.

Let it happen

Not much of a technique is it? All you’ve done so far is lay down with your eyes closed. Well, that’s the secret. this is it. It is not hard. The most difficult part will be stopping yourself from stopping yourself.

This will feel scary. You may feel like you’re floating or flying, or falling or moving. State-4 is this transitional period; your body and astral body are separating. It’s natural. In Astral Projection terms, you are now Projecting, you just haven’t separated.

Attempt a separation

Easier said than done, there are so many methods for this. While you are in State-4, there is so much you can do. To save confusion, we’ll focus on one method; partial to full separation.

Imagine your arm raising out of your body, a few inches above where your actual arm is. Imagine your other arm raising. Imagine your legs raising. Imagine your head raising, and then finally your body.

The trick here is to use your imagination to kickstart your Astral Body moving upwards. For once, this is easier done than said. Your Astral Body is very responsive; just thinking will make it move.


This is where the fun begins. This Astral Projection guide can only take you this far, the rest is up to you. Being in the Astral realm will not feel natural; it’ll feel like a dream. You will, however, likely remember your experience when you wake up.

What I didn’t separate from my body?

On your first attempt, you should just go with the flow. it’s very unlikely you will have a conscious, controllable astral projection experience on your first attempt. Don’t be put off if it doesn’t work straight away.

Set aside some time during the week when you won’t be disturbed. ideally, you want a quiet morning, when you have no appointments, no need to get up for work and no other responsibilities.

Attempt the Monroe method every morning when you are free. Persistence pays off when it comes to astral projection.


This Astral Projection guide aims to get you out of your body. If you’ve done this on your first attempt, then that’s brilliant. post a comment on what you have experienced.

If you didn’t experience an astral projection, how far did you get? What could you do better later? Did you panic at all? Any distractions? It’s time to record your attempt in your notebook or diary.

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