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A big part of what Astral Projection Mastery is about, is bringing the mystery of Astral Projection to light, for all. As I have said, it is the resource that I wished I had when learning about the phenomenon. If you have a question about Astral Projection and how to do it, this site should be able to answer it.

This article, specifically, aims to address all those questions you haven’t been able to find a concrete answer for. It is a very, very long read, but I hope that it proves to be valuable to you! I hope you enjoy the Astral Projection Mastery FAQ!

leaving the body

What is Astral Projection?

If you don’t already know (how?!) Astral Projection is the process by which a person ‘projects’ their consciousness outside of their body. When free of the constraints of the body, your conscious awareness is able to travel to different planes and dimensions.

There is a belief that Astral Projection happens every night, but we are simply unaware of it. Lucid dreams touch on a similar idea, and often blend with the Astral Projection phenomenon.

Can everybody do Astral Projection?

Everybody can, and it may have happened without you realising. A suspiciously realistic dream could be an Astral Projection experience in disguise.

In terms of conscious projection, it is possible for everybody to achieve this, though the amount of time required varies between people. If you’re old enough to follow instruction and practice discipline, then you are old enough to try and attempt an Astral Projection.

Don’t be put off by people saying you can only do it when you’re very old or very young. It is possible at any age in your life.

What are you when you leave your body?

What are you now? There is a lot of differing belief into what you actually ‘are’. If you cut off a finger, are you still the finger? Where does it stop? When you are wide awake and conscious, like now, what are you? Your body? Your mind?

When you are projecting astrally, you are simply a point of consciousness. Whether this is external (objective), or just inside your mind (subjective), is up for debate.

There is a marked difference between waking life and Astral Projection. Vision appears wider and almost dreamlike. Things can be changed at will, it can be a very personal experience. It is tough to describe to somebody who has never experienced it!

Is it a good idea to try Astral Projection?

It certainly is. There are a number of benefits, even for simply attempting Astral Projection. What do you want to achieve with Astral Projection? it will give you a different view of the world and reality, and can challenge some of your core beliefs.

Simply attempting Astral Projection is good for you; you grant yourself some time alone to relax and then focus. Giving yourself a scheduled break is great for tackling the problems of the day. I feel so refreshed after a failed Astral Projection attempt, in a way you can could that a success!

What is the best method for Astral Projection?

There are so many methods for astral projection, and so many techniques that have evolved over the years. Some require outside help, and some can be practised simply alone with a comfortable place to lay or sit.

My favoured method is the Monroe method. It’s very simple to follow, and the steps feel almost natural. If you are just starting, then I suggest you start with the Monroe method if you want to see results. Other methods can come in time.

the astral plane

How can I Astral Project quickly?

Astral Projection is different for everyone. Some may pick it up in a few weeks, others a few days, and some, possibly never. In order to have a good chance of Astral Projection, you’ll need a few things; a quiet space, the right mentality, and lots of time.

A quiet space free of distractions is probably the most important aspect of achieving an out of body experience. Any interruption will only make you fail.

The right mentality towards astral projection is key to being successful. If you frighten easily, then it will take you much longer than if you were relatively brave.

Finally, you’ll need lots of time. You should never be in a rush when attempting astral projection. It isn’t something you can simply force.

Is Astral Projection real?

When you achieve Astral Projection, you know it’s real. It’s hard to explain if you haven’t experienced it yourself. Whether it is subjective or objective is down to speculation but the experience itself? That is definitely real.

What senses do you use in the Astral Plane?

Could a blind person see on the Astral plane? Yes! There are no real senses such as sight, smell or touch; but we interpret the environment that way. Consider a dream; you see in a dream, but you can sometimes see things that don’t exist.

It has been said that the astral body does not feel temperature or touch, but experiences vary. You may feel afraid, excited or in awe, as our instincts are a part of our consciousness and still affect our astral body.

What even is the Astral Plane?

From the Astral Plane encyclopedia entry; “The astral plane is best described as another dimension of reality parallel to our current dimension.” Think of it as a world parallel to our own; with different entities and rules, but some similarities.

You can see objects, and real life places. Many believe that when you die, you go here, and can act as a disembodied spirit; visit places and see things that have or will occur in real life, before moving on to another state of being; reincarnation or some form of ascension. 

Do you need to learn Astral Projection from a teacher?

You don’t need to, but you should, even if you just read a technique here. It’s unlikely that you’d ever stumbled on astral projection naturally, without anybody telling you about it. It makes you wonder what other skills we are all so ignorant of!

Astral Projection can certainly be achieved on your own, with a book or website as a guide.

When is the best time of day to Astral Project?

For me, a Sunday morning! This will be different for everybody. The best time to try Astral Projection is just after waking, on a day you will not be disturbed. Certainly this is different for everybody, some people even prefer to attempt astral projection at night.

You need to find a time that you feel comfortable at, when you won’t be disturbed. If this is the morning, or late at night or even mid day, it doesn’t matter. Morning is usually best, as night and mid-day attempts can result in simply falling asleep.

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Can you learn to Astral Project at will?

You can, eventually. It has been said that the more you succeed in Astral Projection, the easier it gets. It can be compared to riding a bike in this regard! There are some historical references to Astral Projection happening instantly; at will.

According to ‘The Travellers Guide to the Astral Plane’ (great book), Emmanuel Swedenborg was a proponent of Astral Projection, who would ‘leave his body at will’. This happened at certain high pressure events, such as the death of Emperor Peter III Russia.

In order to Astral Project instantly, you’ll need to gain expertise in the stages of astral projection. As you continue practising, you’ll become more accustomed to the process.

What triggers Astral Projection?

Many things can trigger an Astral projection. We’ve all heard of people seeing themselves under the Operating table. We don’t really know what triggers Astral projection, to be honest, it just either happens or it doesn’t! Not enough actual research has been done into this altered state of consciousness.

How do I avoid falling asleep when trying Astral Projection?

A simple question, but one we should all know! Falling asleep is probably one of the biggest obstacles to an Astral Projection attempt. Picture this; you’re in bed, fully relaxed and comfortable, eyes closed in pure silence. A recipe for disaster when it comes to trying not to fall asleep.

There are a number of ways to not fall asleep, however I would not fight against it. There is a fine line between Astral Projection and sleep, and with time you’ll come to learn how to stay in this state. Give it time. In the meantime, just fall asleep.

This isn’t terrible advice at all. Falling asleep during an Astral projection attempt is a great way to experience vivid and potentially lucid dreams. From a Lucid dream, you can perform an Astral Projection.

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How do I calm my mind when trying to Astral Project?

Having an active mind can be an enormous obstacle to a successful astral projection attempt. Though we can control outside distractions to a degree, inner distractions can be even worse.

There are a number of ways to calm down an active mind. My preferred method is to just let your mind wander. There is no need to force anything. Eventually your mind will tire, images will become less vivid and active, and you’ll drift into a calm state.

The trick, as with everything else in Astral Projection, is not to rush. If you have thoughts racing through your head, you can just lay down, close your eyes, and experience them. Just listen to your thoughts and they will eventually go away, and you’ll be in the right state to attempt astral projection.

How can I learn more about Astral Projection?

There are plenty of resources for Astral Projection. Astral Projection Mastery, (this site) is a great starting point. This FAQ, in fact, is probably one of the best places to learn the basics. If you feel you want to learn more, look at the definitive guide to astral projection.

Once you know the basics, head on over to techniques. The Monroe Technique is the most popular page on this website.

What are the best Astral Projection books?

The best place to start with an Astral Projection book is probably, once again, Robert Monroe. His three books; Journeys Out of the Body, Far Journeys, and Ultimate Journey, all explore astral projection in depth. Check them out with the image links below.

Robert Monroe was the entry point to astral projection for many of us. There are a number of other well known authors, but start with Monroe.

How can I be sure that my Astral Projection was real?

What is real? As an honest answer, nobody can be sure that astral projection is a subjective experience. There have been official, and even military experiments done into astral projection and remote viewing, but (as far as we know) these have stopped taking place.

At it’s very basic, Astral Projection is at least as real as a dream. The difficulty with astral projection is that it can be so subjective. An anecdote from a Monroe book, Far Journeys, describes an experience.

Monroe was projecting, looking for a friend. He saw people seated around a laid table holding enormous playing cards. Strange to play poker with such large cards. It was only later that he found out his friend was at a restaurant. The dreamlike quality of astral projection shines through here; unable to fill in the gaps, the consciousness creates a somewhat plausible replacement; in this case, playing cards for a restaurant menu.

Are my dreams a form of Astral Projection?

Dreams are closely linked to Astral Projection. As we have explored; Astral Projection may just be a form of lucid dreaming, we just don’t know! All we know is that there is a strong link; the experiences seem to cross over somewhat.

Is Astral Projection normal?

Astral Projection is completely normal. Really. Astral Projection is a natural function of your body. You don’t need drugs to induce it, it can happen completely on its own. It can be a scary experience, but it shouldn’t be. Astral Projection is about as scary as a bad dream; and if you see something that scary, you’ll soon snap out of the experience.

What may not be normal (but not bad), is spontaneous astral projection. Some people are gifted with the ability to astral project at will, whenever they want, straight from a waking state. While not normal, this isn’t exactly a curse. It’d be a treat to be able to experience the astral plane whenever you wished!

How long does it take to have an Astral projection experience?

It really depends on the person and their mentality. Astral Projection can happen at any time of your life. If you want to have a quick experience, then there are some tips you should follow.

Firstly, don’t read the experiences of others, at all. These can glamourize the experience and may even scare you off attempting it. Astral Projection is not dangerous, and you shouldn’t be scared at all. If anything happens, you will snap back to your body and wake up, it’s as simple as that.

Secondly, you’ll want to get into some sort of routine. Attempting astral projection at a set time every week is best. Choose a relaxed day, free of distractions in the morning.

If you keep up a routine, and do not break it, and follow the techniques given, you should be expected to have your first experience within a month or two. IT is really hard to give a time frame. Two months may seem like a long time, but you need to pierce through first. As soon as you have your first experience, you’ll find it much easier to do again and again. It’s all about having your first astral projection.

Am I too old to have an Astral Projection experience?

Definitely not. Some say it even gets easier with age. If you are very young, in your teens or early 20s, it’s said that achieving astral projection is more difficult. Younger people also tend to have more distractions in their life, and more dynamic concerns. Older people can be more relaxed, and more set in their ways.

To hark back to our friend, Robert Monroe was in his late 30s when he had his first astral projection experience, and this continued for the rest of his life, until he was 79!

How does it feel to be out of your body?

This can be a completely subjective experience, it’ll differ between people, and even differ between attempts! Sometimes you’ll look like you do now, a person in an environment. Sometimes you can be a point of consciousness. Sometimes you’ll have 360 degree vision. It’s a completely wild guess as to what will happen.

Astral Projection can feel much like a very vivid dream. Your environment and perception can change as quickly as a blink. It’s so hard to describe, it really needs to be experienced. Reading what others have felt like in the astral realm may be a good start, but the best bet is to just give it a try yourself!

When should I practice Astral projection?

“As often as you can” is probably the right answer. If you want to astral project, then set aside some time each week for it. A distraction free morning would be best. Try not to practice at night; you’ll more than likely end up falling asleep.

Do what is best for you. Work out when you have free time alone in the day and give it a shot. All it requires is laying down and getting comfy, and having the right mindset. I often attempt astral projection when I’m bored!

How do I stay out of my body?

When you’re astral projecting, there is always a fear that you’ll lose the experience and snap back to reality. If you get too excited, scared or feel any other strong emotion, there is a danger that you’ll snap back to your waking life.

To combat this, you’ll need to practice an outlook or simply being a stoic observer. Nothing in this realm can harm you, you’re just here to explore, to look. Consequently, if anything shocks you, you’ll need to suppress your true feelings with pure willpower. Afterwards, you will be able to think about the experience and what happened.

Is there anything I can do in my daily life to help with Astral Projection?

There aren’t any activities you need to avoid. Some guides suggest extreme changes to ‘guarantee’ astral projection; such as going vegan or meditating. While both changes are good for you, it’s unlikely they will help you achieve an astral projection.

All you need is the right mentality, and a comfy, distraction free place to practice. Nothing more.

Can I Astral Project anywhere in the world?

You can go anywhere when you astral project. There isn’t a limit at all. While a starting point is astral projecting into the same room in your house, once you’re familiar with movement in the astral realm, you can go anywhere, instantly, often by accident.

You can go anywhere when you astral project. There isn’t a limit at all. While a starting point is astral projecting into the same room in your house, once you’re familiar with movement in the astral realm, you can go anywhere, instantly, often by accident.

Many experiences have said that travelling great distances happens in an instance. You’ll think about somewhere and then you’ll be there.

My experiences have been somewhat different, almost dreamlike. Movement feels a little restricted, but the speed is incredible. Flying down the street and stopping with no inertia feels unsettling, but in the context of an astral projection, it just feels natural.

Can I see the future during an Astral Projection?

In his book, Psychic Warrior, David Morehouse talks about many military experiments in astral projection. In one of these experiments, he was simply told he could time travel by thinking about it. The subjective reality of astral projection probably allows time travel, but it is just that; subjective.

Time is a mystery to us as it is. Astral Projection is just another mystery compounded on top of that.

Is remote viewing the same as Astral Projection?

Remote viewing and astral projection are similar, but different phenomenon. Remote viewers are aware of their immediate surroundings, and simply project their consciousness away temporarily, through their minds eye. They can even relate what they are looking at without breaking the experience! Astral Projection involves the body sleeping and the mind being awake.

While the result may be the same, the two practices are different and return different results.

What are the benefits of Astral Projection?

Astral Projection can be good for you; and it can substantially change your world view. Some people are convinced of life after death when they have their first experience. There certainly aren’t any downsides to the experience at all.

A big benefit is that this is largely unexplored territory. What you experience when you astral project is a state of consciousness that not many humans will ever see willingly. How exciting is that? You could be a pioneer, doing something people haven’t ever done!

If you’re on this site, you’re already interested in astral projection as it is, so get started already! Be sure to let me know how you get on!

Am I always in control when Astrally Projecting?

You’re always in control when you’re projecting. Nothing can ‘hijack’ your body or mind when you’re in this state. It’s easy to be afraid of the unknown, but this is the only thing you can be afraid of. Once you know something, it’s no longer scary. Fear should be at the back of your mind when you try astral projection.

Is Astral Projection a super power?

It sounds like one! Some superheroes even have astral projection as a power! Doctor Strange is a good example of this. The recent Doctor Strange movie likely brought astral projection back into the public consciousness.

Astral Projection is not common but can be developed. Anybody can do it, but most people won’t.

How does it feel to fly in an Astral Projection?

Others have written experiences of flying, completely unrestricted by physical objects, gravity, or even the limit of earths atmosphere. Flying during an astral projection is said to be both a completely natural feeling, and the freest somebody can feel.

It’s hard to forget that you aren’t bound by rules in the astral realm. This takes a little getting used to at first but soon becomes natural.

Does Astral Projection prove life after death?

Some people believe that Astral Projection proves life still occurs after death, at least in some form. There are numerous experiences of people encountering dead relatives and other people in the astral realm.

Astral Projection, though, can be subjective. To really prove this you’d need a number of competent astral projectors, all projecting to the same place, seeing the same dead person. To my knowledge, this hasn’t happened yet!

As mentioned before, simply having an astral projection experience is good enough for most people. It changes their world view from one that is purely physical to one that can exist outside of the body.

Is Astral Projection good, or bad?

Morality doesn’t play into it at all. Astral Projection is as normal as walking, cycling or sleeping! It’s neither good, nor bad. Some religions or spiritual movements may not see it as a permissible thing to do, but this doesn’t mean it is evil.

Will I change after having an Astral Projection?

Probably! You might become obsessed with it and make a website! Astral Projection will probably change your view of life, at least for a short while. To know that there is even more than what you see with your physical eyes is, for want of a better saying, eye opening.

Is Astral Projection the same as enlightenment?

Probably not. Enlightenment is a Buddhist principle; when a Buddhist reaches Nirvana and stops being reborn, they have reached Enlightenment. This probably isn’t the same as Astral Projection, though you may see some Buddhists practice astral projection (it’s even written into some of their texts under the name 4th Jhana).

Are animals aware of my consciousness in an Astral Projection?

They can be! There certainly are several written experiences where this is the case. You may also see astral entities in the guise of animals when projecting. Perhaps this is where the concept of spiritual animals came from.

How far from my body can I move while in an Astral Projection?

There aren’t any limits. You may have heard of the silver cord, but that’s a purely symbolic image rather than a rope, put there to restrict you. You can move anywhere you can think of when astral projecting.

How can I make my Astral Projection experiences last longer?

Often you won’t have much of a choice, the experience will end when you either lose consciousness and fall asleep, or something jolts you awake. As discussed, you can try to prolong your experience by willing yourself to not feel strong emotions. This is tough.

A better option is simply to have more, shorter experiences. If you become proficient, you can have an experience, and when it stops, take a short break, and then just jump straight back into it.

Will Astral Projection allow me to control my dreams?

Astral Projection is closely linked to Lucid dreams. While it’s not a guarantee, it’s likely that after a few astral projections, you’ll find yourself outside of your body instead of dreaming at night. It’s a strange experience.

If you want to control your dreams, look into lucid dreaming, a practice strongly linked to astral projection.

Is Astral Projection a shared experience?

It can be, and some people have said that it is, but there is no concrete evidence to support this. I’m not going to pretend I have noticed anything different. Astral Projection is just as likely to be inside your head as it is in an astral realm. We just don’t know.

Do beings live on the Astral plane?

People have certainly noticed other entities in their astral projection experiences, however these may just be a creation of the projectors mind. Some believe that when we die, we simply exist on the astral realm. A comforting thought, backed up with many experiences.

What is the silver cord? Does everyone see it?

The Silver cord connects the astral body to the physical body. Some see it, some don’t. As far as I am aware, it’s a purely symbolic representation of the connection between the two.

Don’t worry if you don’t see it. It’s likely that this is simply a thing people see in the astral realm because they think they should see it, and has built up in the human consciousness over time.

Can something take over my body during an Astral Projection?

No. There isn’t a need to explain this further other than to remind you that you are completely safe during astral projection. It’s the same as sleeping. There is nothing to worry about!

Should I be scared of Astral Projection?

Not at all. Are you scared of sleeping? It is normal to be afraid of the unknown, but are you going to let this fear conquer you forever?

What if I get lost? Will I always be able to return to my body?

You can always return to your body when astral projecting. This shouldn’t be a concern at all, you’ll be returning to your body often! There are experiences where people say they were ‘stuck’ outside their body, but sensationalised experiences like this should not be taken notice of.

Astral Projection is like dreaming in this way; you’ll always wake up in the morning.

What are the risks when performing Astral Projection?

There aren’t any risks or true dangers in Astral Projection. You may see frightening or unsettling images, but nothing can actually harm you when you are projecting. Astral Projection is completely safe to practice.

The main risks come with your physical body. You are vulnerable while astral projecting, but only as vulnerable as when you are sleeping.

Will stress interfere with my Astral projection attempts?

Stress acts as a powerful distraction for astral projection. To be successful, you’ll need to be fully relaxed. This means that nothing should be playing on your mind. You very likely won’t be able to project after a fight or argument.

Follow the preparation steps to set up a good foundation for astral projection. Stress affects our whole life, so deal with the source of your stress before you try to tackle anything new.

Will Astral Projection help with sleep paralysis?

Astral Projection will help with Sleep Paralysis. A frightening experience, sleep paralysis can affect anyone at any time, although some people appear to be more affected than others.

A form of sleep paralysis is induced during Astral Projection, best known in the Monroe method. You force your body to be still, forcing the paralysis on yourself.

Learning and practising Astral Projection will slowly change your world view. Sleep Paralysis will no longer be scary. You may experience it, but instead of being a horrifying experience, it’ll turn into a familiar one.

Do Binaural Beats guarantee Astral projection?

No! Nothing can ‘guarantee’ the experience! Binaural beats should be considered if you aren’t having success through traditional methods. Invented and pioneered by Robert Monroe, Binaural beats trick the brain hemispheres into synchronising in specific ways. The most common use for binaural beats is to trigger the states required for astral projection.

Can I meet dead people on the Astral plane?

There are so many experiences of meeting dead people while astral projecting. As experiences go, it is a common one you may read. Whether you can actually meet the spirits of dead people or not is up to you to decide.

If the mind can convince itself that dreams are real, then it can probably do the same during astral projection.

Can others see me while I am in an Astral Projection?

There is a lot of hearsay about whether other people, or animals can see you during astral projection. Let’s think about this logically for a second. Have you ever see somebody in the astral? Have you ever heard about it? The Astral realm is quite separate from our current, physical dimension.

Can I visit the Akashic records while in an Astral Projection?

You can! All you’ll need to do is think about it and you should arrive there. The Akashic records are best visited through astral projection, though some say they visit it during a lucid dream, or other altered states of consciousness.

Check out the Akashic records page for a method on reaching the Akashic records through astral projection.

Do I need to know how to meditate in order to perform Astral Projection?

You do not need to know how to meditate. Though it may help, meditation is a completely different discipline to astral projection.

Meditation is an easy practice to start and in a way, you’ll be meditating before most astral projection attempts, through the points listed in the techniques.

Are Astral Projection and Lucid dreams the same thing?

We don’t know! Lucid dreams and astral projections are similar, but there are also stark differences! The main difference is that Astral Projection seems to occur in the astral realm; a near mirror of our physical universe. You may see imagery from real life while astral projecting.

Lucid dreaming seems to takes place in it’s own, dreamlike world. There are no rules in a lucid dream, you can control everything! Astral Projections may very well be a type of very realistic lucid dream however. It’s all up to you to explore.

That’s the end of the list (so far!). Is there anything you’d like to know the answer to? Post a comment below,and it’ll get added to the big list! I’ll be adding to this list constantly, so be sure to bookmark and check back soon!

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  1. The other thing I used to do with great success is teleport out at that point. So first you achieve separation, then you simply put yourself somewhere else, like on the roof of your house, or the nearby corner of your street. Time and space function completely differently on the astral plane. You do not have to stretch out of your body. You can simply separate and teleport. Yep, it s nifty. 6. Can I spy on living people while I m astral? You naughty person! But yes, you will see living people while you are astral. Most likely they won t know you re there, unless they re super intuitive. Respect people s privacy. It s also a lot more difficult than you d imagine to go spy on someone you don t know. As soon as you re astral, you re different. Your priorities are different. It will take a great deal of concentration and will to go visit someone unless you have a strong close bond with them. But yes, you can make your rounds. Be good and responsible. Don t be creepy astral guy!

  2. I’m trying to learn about astral projecting, not because I need help doing it, I think I’ve been doing it for years without knowing?
    I’ve had insane dreams most of my life but they’re starting to “talk back” to me. When I dream I go to an other place, a city I’ve never visited in real life and it’s a mixture of past and present. There is a harbor with a ship with sails, but a modern shopping mall. And I’m not allowed to be in this city so when I’m spotted the “police” are trying to make me leave, telling me I shouldn’t be there.
    Once I had the most terrifying feeling in my dream and I still feel uneasy just thinking about it. It came when I was about to open the door to an old church. I was just about to grip the handle as I got the wind knocked out of me with this aweful feeling. I need to learn more about astral projecting before something happens that I’m not ready for.

    Does this sound like astal projecting?
    I’m fully concious during these dreams, I know I’m dreaming and that this is not happening where I am physically. But I can’t shake the feeling of it being real. Sometimes if I get hurt in the dream I’m sore and sometimes even bruised when I wake up, the pain can last for days!
    Am I going insane?

    I’d love to talk to someone who could answer some of my questions!

  3. what is scripting and do I need to do it to astral project. Can I astral project to a fictional universe, like a tv show universe? m

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