Astral Projection Experience – Brandon

Astral Projection Experience – Brandon


I believe May 8th, 2018. Around 3am in the middle of the night.


in my room, laying on my bed on my side or stomach. No lights on. Physical body was clothed. Room is 67 degrees Fahrenheit, so cold.


Astral projection and lucid dreaming has now become more of an innate skill to me. I didn’t prepare for that Astral encounter. I just randomly got up in the middle of the night, fell back asleep meditating and decided to keep my mind awake so I can have a cool lucid dream. Did not expect Astral projection. I am experienced with AP and OBEs. I’ve recently had 2 successful encounters with a specific group of what looked like young adults, both male and female.

First experience:

I fell asleep, trying to keep my conscious awake. That happened, and it felt like I got sucked through the speed of light right to where they wanted me to be. From what I saw of their world as I was entering the building they were in, this wasn’t Earth. It was still beautiful though, I saw swarms of glittering fireflies moving in beautiful swirls and patterns, some foliage, lots of very complicated mechanics and buildings. So now I’m sucked into where I’m supposed to be… Which is being gently carried by one of the guys (I can’t really walk or coordinate well in my Astral state). I asked them, “Where are you from?” The young woman said, “Albachy, xxx” (I forgot the second place of where they’re from), then she said “but you wouldn’t know it, it’s not from where you’re from.” I then asked how you speak English, and she pointed out these shoelace things in my mouth… Kinda unpleasant, but that’s apparently what’s causing the translation. She then showed me her language, which sounded like no other language I’ve heard in my entire life, and it got me panicked. I woke up.

Second experience:

I came back to the same place as last time. I found them, and they said “follow me” and of course I got lost. I wondered around the place for a little. One woman asked me, “Do I need to get you arrested?”, but they found me soon after luckily. I told them to carry me again, and they did. This time, we arrived to another room. This is the important part. I asked, “what planet is this?” A very kind looking woman told me, “This is Hectavia. **The earth died by year 2500* ” (she said it like 25 hundred) “and * we were able to colonise another planet**.” Not sure if I mentioned, but I wasn’t allowed there. First lifers, as they called me, aren’t allowed. They kept me in a suit with small eye holes apparently to keep me from being seen or something. Those people were human. ** TLDR; Earth destroyed and completely uninhabitable by year 2500. We still have time and hope. We may/will be able to colonise another planet if we continue to advance our tech, so THERE IS HOPE. **


I have been doing everything I can to get back into contact with those beautiful human beings… Or spirits, I don’t know who they are. But I will try to learn more.


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