Astral Projection Diary #1 – 30th March 2018

Astral Projection Diary #1 – 30th March 2018

Astral Projection has been an applied interest of mine for at least fifteen years now, but I can’t with confidence say that it is an experience that I have achieved. I can’t, with confidence, say that it exists,despite the first hand experience of others, I will never be convinced until I experience it myself. It’s time to take dedicated steps towards experiencing this altered state of consciousness. The nearest I have gotten is the ‘Vibration‘ stage, which in itself is somewhat enjoyable. I find that once you get to a stage, it’s much easier to achieve next time. I need to take steps to push myself over the edge.


I can’t exactly create a website on astral projection without experiencing it myself. As a sceptical person, I need first hand experience before I am able to truly accept something as being real. Personally, at the moment I am leaning towards astral projection being a form of lucid dream. So far, I have experienced everything in the Monroe method up until the final stage. Related to astral projection, I’ve had a number of lucid dreams. I want to know if astral projection is a different experience. I’ll be documenting any attempts here, under the Diary category, with ‘Diary’ and ‘APD’ tags. For each experience, i’ll write a short paragraph about anything that happened, and the situations that led to it. Now, onto today’s attempts;

Attempt 1 – 18:00~ – 30 March 2018

After a long day of doing nothing in particular, I got in bed, with the intent to try the Monroe method. I succeeded in getting to stage 3, and it started to get pretty cosy. At this stage, you can sometimes get overwhelmed with vivid imagery; your mind can go into hyperdrive, creating all sorts of pictures and stories. One quite enjoyable one was an infinite grass field, and I was effortlessly gliding across it, seeing the morning dew brush against my skin, a bit like the computer game ‘Tribes’. It wasn’t like I was actually there. Just imaging flying around, and enhance that somewhat. I could feel the dips and turns and picture everything in my minds eye very clearly. I promptly fell asleep for a short while. There were a number of other thoughts that popped up, each entertaining in their own way.

Attempt 2 – 19:00~ – 30 March 2018

Around an hour later, I woke up. I’m never angry that I don’t achieve the experience (I would be very angry if so!), so I just decided to try again. I have always found subsequent attempts to be less effective, like there is some sort of energy that you use up upon each attempt. This second attempt largely followed the first, but with no visuals. One quite interesting factor was that I was able to physically ‘spin’ my view, which was cool. I could feel the inertia of rotating and see my closed eye view rotating. Very disorienting!


While nothing new was experienced, it was still a pretty relaxing event. Sometimes it’s good to just take a moment and lay in bed to let your mind think. I wasn’t expecting anything to happen, but I’ll read up on some new techniques to try next time. Had a good experience recently? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear about it!

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