Welcome to Astral Projection Mastery

Welcome to Astral Projection Mastery

Hi, I’m Jack.  Welcome to my blog and website about Astral Projection. It’s a topic I’ve been fascinated with since I was around thirteen years old, back in 2002. Back then, information about Astral projection, or Out of body Experiences was, for me, very difficult to find, and it’s probably this which furthered my interest; it was a secret, something a lot of people didn’t know about at all. It didn’t even have a  Wikipedia page at the time.

I never experienced the phenomenon fully at the time, but over fifteen years later and my interest has never died. Astral Projection has become much more well known now, with appearances in films, video games and even children’s cartoons.

What is this Astral Projection Mastery aiming to be?

Astral Projection Mastery is going to be a big online repository of any information I can gather about Astral Projection as a topic. I’d also like to include book reviews (I own many!) and write articles to talk about how Astral Projection has shown up in culture and history. It’s a subject I’m truly passionate about but up until now, I haven’t applied it anywhere, so I figured now was the time!

I hope you stick around and enjoy the site! Please send me a message if you’d like to get in touch!




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