The Fifty Breaths relaxation method

The Fifty Breaths relaxation method

One of the most common techniques for relaxation you’ll see focuses on breathing. Breathing is a constant, you always do it, and by focusing on it, you can quieten your thoughts and enter a relaxed state. Of the many relaxation methods relating to breathing, there is one that I employ more than others; the fifty breaths method. This breathing method proves more effective than any other method I’ve tried. All it requires some prior affirmation and a clear idea of what you want to do, so we’ll start with this! The fifty breaths method is good for general relaxation, a prelude to attempting an astral projection and a good way to ready your mind for some intense focus.

Step 1. Get Comfortable in the right environment

I find it best to lay down in bed, slightly covered to prevent myself feeling the cold. You can follow the start of the ‘Monroe technique‘ here if you like. You want to be still, with no time limits at all. Have a few minutes before you try anything to let yourself get used to your current situation.

Step 2. Have an affirmation

This is best described by example. I usually say “After fifty breaths, I will be extremely relaxed’, but you can say anything really. It’s important to have an affirmation beforehand so that your mind doesn’t wander half way through the process. You could say “After fifty breaths, my mind will be quiet”. I’ve had some great ideas and solutions to problems while laying in this empty state. Things just come to you when you temporarily free yourself of distractions.

Step 3. Breathe

You want to start counting your breathing after your affirmation. Breathe in. Breathe out. That’s one. I sometimes count breathing in and breathing out as two, one for in and one for out. Whatever works for you. All that is important is that you focus on a constant, so try not to change half way through.

Step 4. Get to 50, or…

I’ll be honest here. I rarely get to fifty. I usually get to around 30 or so and stop. I recognise the state I need to get in and I am usually there by thirty or so. The brilliant thing about this method is that once you do it, it gets much easier each time. You can very quickly get into a deeply relaxed mental state in no time at all, and even in a non relaxed environment. If you’re familiar with astral projecting, you will recognise the state you’re in and be able to stop. Your body feels like nothing, you’re just a mind in space. Ideas and images will come and go, you’ll likely hallucinate visually and audibly. It’s quite enjoyable.