How works

How works

Thanks for taking a look at Astral Projection and out of Body experiences are a phenomenon that I’ve been interested in for nearly two decades now. I think when something lasts that long as an interest, it’s never going to go away! is my attempt to put together the most well known techniques for projecting and relaxation, as well as as much ┬árelated content I can find.

The site is going to be divided between Articles and Blog posts. Articles will deal with things like techniques or milestone stories that deserve their own page, probably including some reviews of the great astral projection books I’ve picked up over the years. Blog posts will deal with updates and related current news stories, as well as links to handy sites. Maybe some of you will like to write things for the site and link to your sites, these will also appear in the blog.

We have a Facebook page which you can join to see updates about the site, and each page is open to comments for discussion.

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