The Back to Sleep Astral Projection technique

The Back to Sleep Astral Projection technique

The Back to sleep Astral Projection technique is a very common method discussed online and in books, under a lot of names (‘Wake back to sleep’ is a common phrase in the world of lucid dreams too!) This method involves having a good restful nights sleep as you would usually, waking up a bit earlier than usual and then forcing yourself back to sleep. Disturbing your sleeping pattern and your already relaxed state will trigger an out of body experience. Really this is more of a modifier to the Monroe technique, but it’s an important and well known technique and one to try if you want quicker results.

As with all Astral Projection methods, it’s best to try this when you have nothing planned in the morning, so it’s best not to try this before work or school. Let’s go a bit more in-depth into how to perform this Astral projection method.

Step 1: Relax (the night before)

Go to bed as normal. Before you get cosy and try to sleep, set your alarm earlier than you usually do, two hours to an hour earlier. State your intentions to yourself, that you will wake up earlier than usual in order to leave your body. Reaffirm this to yourself. This helps you focus on your goal. Do this until you fall asleep,. in fact concentrating on these affirmations will help you sleep easier than you usually do.

Step 2: Sleep, and then wake up at your alarm

When your alarm goes off, get out of bed and spend five to ten minutes in an awake state. Use the toilet or get a drink if you need to. This is important, you’re disrupting your regular pattern and ‘tricking’ yourself into thinking you’re getting up, awakening your fully conscious mind.

Step 3: Go back to bed, relax

Get back in bed and completely relax yourself. This shouldn’t be too hard at all, you’ve woken up early and you’re back in bed, brilliant! Close your eyes and stay awake in bed.┬áHere, you have to essentially follow the Monroe technique. Things will happen much quicker since you’re already near the sleeping state as it is. Lay completely still, yet aware, and you’ll feel the vibrations flush over your body and the regular feelings of the Monroe technique happen.

Step 4: Leave the body

You may have been surprised at how quickly the vibrations came. Once you feel the vibrations have deepened, you might find yourself, after a brief lapse of consciousness, a few feet above your body. If this is your first time, it’s extremely likely you’ll panic and fall straight back in but congratulations if so.

Success? or not.

Like the other techniques, don’t worry if you don’t do it on your first try, or first ten tries. The experiences you gain attempting will make the next attempt easier. It’s best to try this is a completely distraction free room. It’ll be difficult to perform if you sleep with a partner or have children, or if you have a very strict schedule. be sure to post in the comments if you saw success in the Back to sleep Astral Projection method.