The Thirst Astral Projection Technique

The Thirst Astral Projection Technique

Sylvan Muldoon (a well known figure in Astral Projection and esotericism) pioneered this technique. It differs from the others in the top 5 because of it’s unconscious nature. In terms of technique, it is more of a passive setup than an applied ‘method’. The thirst technique is another well known technique that involves conditioning your body before sleeping, and then projecting through a lucid dream. If you aren’t familiar with lucid dreaming, then that may sound like an alien concept. In short, you are going to condition yourself to realise you are dreaming, and then with a marker in the dream, leave your body. The marker in this case, will be thirst.

This is more of a technique to try if all others have failed, and is not a technique to try frequently. Fasting to induce a spiritual experience is a well known practice especially in the Middle-east and Asia for many reasons, although mainly spiritual. Many believe that fasting is a penance, a punishment on yourself for a higher meaning, which it will bring you closer to.

Step 1: Prepare yourself, choose a good day

This technique will require you to become thirsty, and it may make you physically uncomfortable. This isn’t something to practice every time, but a good way to get your first projection experience done so you can get over any fear you may have. Choose a good day for this when you will not need to interact with others. You need to have a few hours without water, ideally more than 4 hours before you go to sleep. Only attempt this if you are fit and healthy.

Step 2: Get thirsty

There are a lot of different views here, but a good time is to not drink after you eat your final meal of the day. You will be very thirsty before you go to bed. Some variations of the method suggest pouring a glass of water and taking it with you, but not sipping from it. Every time you look at the glass, you should question whether you are dreaming or not. A god way to do this is to look at your hand. Count your fingers. Five right? Any other number, and you may be in a dream. Check your hands again. Still five? Then you are not dreaming.

It’s this intense desire to drink that will aid your astral projection attempt later in the night. Sylvan Muldoon actually states that you should ingest pure salt, although this is not recommended.

Step 3: Prepare to sleep

Prepare to sleep as you usually would, but place the glass of water near your bed, or where you usually would if you take a drink to bed with you. Get in bed and visualise yourself leaving your body, getting up, walking to the glass of water and drinking it. Do this until you fall asleep.

Step 4: Realise this is all a dream

You may have dreams about thirst. as you have been focusing on the water in your room, it is likely that you will dream about this. The key here is to realise that this isn’t a dream. You’ve been checking your dream state every time you look at the glass, so it’s likely you will do this when your astral body is near the glass. This time, however, your dream check should fail, and you’ll realise you’re in a dream, except, you aren’t in a dream at all, you’re in your room. At this stage you may feel the vibrations of the other methods and your consciousness will fully move into your astral body.

Success? or not.

This is a difficult technique, so don’t be disheartened if you do not succeed. Leave a comment below if you’ve tried Sylvan Muldoons thirst technique.