The Rope Astral Projection Technique

The Rope Astral Projection Technique

‘The ‘Rope Technique’ is one of the first methods for astral projection that I read about all those years ago. The astral projection rope method starts in the usual way (get relaxed and wait for the vibrations) but requires a certain specific degree of concentration later on. The rope method was pioneered by Robert Bruce, another Robert in the astral projection field, and has become a standard technique that you can learn. Read through the instructions below, and try it when you can.

Step 1: Relax

As with most techniques, and especially if you’re starting out, you will need to find a place without distraction to relax. Have no time limits, and nothing that can disturb you. Close your window, turn off your phone and any alarms, and just be in the moment. For the rope method, it’s best to lay in bed. Spend as long as you like getting comfortable, this can be five minutes, half an hour, it’s up to you and how your day has been. I find it’s best to wear loose clothing and lay under a light blanket. This will keep you from feeling your clothing on your body, and prevent your body from feeling the cold.

Step 2: Move towards sleep

Now that you are moderately relaxed, you have to let your body sleep while your mind stays awake, You will feel some strange sensations, your body will feel extremely numb. Like The Monroe Technique, this is completely normal. You’ll reach the vibration state soon, a state you’ll soon come to know very well! In this stage, you should imagine a rope dangling as if it is attached fixed to the ceiling above your head, and dangles all the way down to your body, stopping a few inches short.

Step 3: The Vibration stage

This is when your world will go upside down and your perceptions will change. Your vision may seem to enlarge or shrink. Don’t panic, it’ll pass soon. Once it has passed, it is said that your spirit and body are in the same space but separate. It takes some work on your part to separate them.

Step 4: Imagine the rope

The rope for this astral projection method is hard to describe. you should no longer concentrate on visualising the rope, but know it is there. Imagine that your room is pitch black, and you are reaching out to grab this invisible rope with your hands. Imagine grabbing it with both hands and pulling, hauling yourself out of your body. Don’t stop at just one tug, but continue the process, pulling yourself  upwards and upwards. Like the main vibratory stage, your body may start throwing some strange feelings and visuals at you, but ignore them and focus on the rope and moving upwards.

Step 5: Leave the body

Many things can happen here. You may blank out and find yourself above your body, or the mental force here should pull you out of your body. You may consciously experience the process or not. It’s likely that due to the upwards motion, you will find yourself above your body. Congratulations, if so.

Success? or not.

The rope technique is well known, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t succeed on your first, second or even tenth try. It’s all about acclimatising your body to the process of astral projection. If you have succeeded, or have any questions, write a comment below!