Robert Monroe’s Astral Projection Technique

Robert Monroe’s Astral Projection Technique

One of the benefits of Robert Monroe’s Astral Projection Technique is that you don’t really need any specific skill or learning to accomplish it. Robert Monroe is essentially the grand-daddy of Astral Projection in the west. His astral projection technique is one of the most well known, and probably the first one that many of us have tried. In fact compared to the others, it just seems like a very normal process! He actually developed many techniques that are present in his books, involving various ways to sit or lay and came up with many terms to describe how he felt and the things he experienced. His most well known technique is a four step process; Relax, move towards sleep, dissociate and then leave the body. Sounds simple, just make sure you don’t get too relaxed and fall asleep!

Step 1: Relax

Start by relaxing your body. There are so many methods to do this. It’s best to lay down in bed and get as comfortable as possible, close your eyes. I find it helpful here to not force yourself to think of nothing, but let the mind wander, go through what happened in the day. Eventually your mind will quieten and your body will relax. You want to get to a state where your body is asleep, but your mind is awake.

Step 2: Move towards sleep

Once you’re in this relaxed state, you simply have to do nothing other than stay awake mentally. You will feel some strange sensations, your body will feel extremely numb. What’s good to remember here is that there isn’t a time limit to get to this state, don’t try to rush things. This can be a very entertaining state of mind to be in, personally I’ve found my imagination and clarity of mind go full on here, and if you fall asleep in this state you can have some very cool dreams. Sometimes I just get into this state and go no further when I want to relax and feel rested. You may have visual hallucinations but it’s important not to get distracted, stay awake and stay relaxed, just watch them come and go.

Step 3: Disassociate

At this stage of relaxation you’ll feel a specific type of numbness come over your body after a short while, which can be controlled and intensified. It’s this feeling which will trigger an astral projection. The first time it happens, it can be extremely disconcerting, you may feel like you’re falling or spinning, but just go with it, don’t move and don’t be afraid of it. Also once it happens, you may be hit with a sense of urgency. This seems to happen for no reason, as you can keep the vibration state happening indefinitely. You are aiming here to have the vibrations cover your whole body, and lose all physical sensation of the body.

out of the body
An astral body floating about a physical one in this classic illustration

Step 4: Leave the body

Sounds simple doesn’t it, but once you have covered your body in this vibration state, you will lose awareness of your body. It can happen naturally, but if it doesn’t, then there are things you can try. Firstly, imagine yourself getting lighter and lighter. This subtle thought may trigger you to leave. Alternately, imagine yourself ‘lifting out’ of your body, as you would remove a suit or exit a vehicle.

Success? or not.

Don’t worry if you don’t do it on your first try, or first ten tries. The experiences you gain attempting will make the next attempt easier. Robert Monroe himself took a while to perfect this technique so it’s worth sticking with it. If you attempted Robert Monroe’s astral projection technique, by all means post a comment to let us know how you got on.

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