The Clone Astral Projection Technique

The Clone Astral Projection Technique

This is another Astral Projection technique that I discovered early on, and is very well known. It involves a degree of visualisation and mental preparation, so is a bit more advanced than the Monroe technique and the Rope technique. The Clone Astral Projection method involves visualising your astral body and transferring your consciousness into it at the right moment. It isn’t one of the first Astral Projection techniques you should try, but it is well known and a popular method to use. It’s a good disassociative meditation technique to try now and then if you do not want to go into a full out of body experience.

Step 0: Preparation

Before you start, you should have an idea of what to visualise. Your astral body can be anything you want it to be, but for the purposes of this technique, it’s helpful to standardise the visualisation. You are going to be visualising a ghostly form of your body floating a few feet above your real body. Do not make it complex, sometimes even just the concept is enough; your astral body is floating above your body.

Step 1: Relax

Start by relaxing your body. As with each oft he top five techniques, It’s best to lay down in bed and get as comfortable as possible, close your eyes. You should not think, but just let your mind wander until it is worn out and you have nothing else to think about. Eventually your mind will quieten and your body will relax. You want to get to a state where your body is asleep, but your mind is awake.

Step 2: Move towards sleep

Once you’re in this relaxed state, you simply have to do nothing other than stay awake mentally. You will feel some strange sensations, your body will feel extremely numb. What’s good to remember here is that there isn’t a time limit to get to this state, don’t try to rush things. This can be a very entertaining state of mind to be in, personally I’ve found my imagination and clarity of mind go full on here, and if you fall asleep in this state you can have some very cool dreams. You may have visual hallucinations but it’s important not to get distracted, stay awake and stay relaxed, just watch them come and go. When your body is completely numb; move onto the next step.

Step 3: Visualise the clone

Now it is time to visualise the clone, your ‘astral body’ floating above your physical one. It is empty, like a switched off robot or an electronics device without a battery, completely inert. Visualise it from your perspective, the back of your head, the back of your torso, buttocks and legs. Once you have visualised through your closed eyes, the astral body, it is time to move your consciousness into it. This is a very important step.

Step 4: Transfer your consciousness

There are many ways to do this, but a specific way that I favour. Once you have visualised the astral body from your physical perspective, just start gradually visualising from the perspective of the astral body. Your body should feel numb, so you should no longer be aware of the bed. What has changed? You are a few feet up, it may be colder, things in your room will be a slightly different perspective. Importantly, become aware of a presence behind you; your physical body. Usually, this will be enough to kick in the vibrations and start the process. You will leave your body almost seamlessly.

Success? or not.

This is a hard technique to use, although a good one if you need to visualise to see results. The fact that you can visualise your body and room from another perspective makes giving this technique a try even if you don’t succeed. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve had success with this technique.