Astral Projection Techniques

Astral Projection Techniques

There are so many techniques for achieving an astral projection. Some of these techniques are considered ‘for beginners’ and some are seen as ‘advanced’. Really, it’s all up to you, there are no levels. This isn’t a game where you level up. Try them all, and stick with the one that works. Many of these techniques will require mental visualisation to consciously get you into an appropriate state. There are so many astral projection techniques, and as Astral Projection Mastery is the #1 repository for astral projection information, we’re going to list all of the common and popular ones.

Each technique has it’s own page, so click on the images for the techniques below to go to their ‘How to’ page.¬†Each page has an open comment section (at the bottom) so note your experiences and successes with each technique.There are many similarities in the techniques, namely relaxation, vibrations and ease. Generally, you should always be in a relaxed state when attempting this, not in a rush or with a time limit. Vibrations refers to a strange whole body sensation that you’ll soon become familiar with. It’s difficult to describe. Ease, refers to the ease of leaving the body; it usually feels natural and easy.

The Top Five Astral Projection Techniques

The top five techniques for Astral Projection are listed just below. They have all proved popular and are probably the most well known techniques for achieving an astral projection. If you’ve never tried before, these are the techniques to start with. Click on the links to go to their page and try it out for yourself.

Robert Monroe’s techniquerobert monroe astral projection

The Rope Techniquerope technique

The Thirst techniquethirst technique

The Clone technique

The ‘Wake-Back to Sleep’ techniqueall nighter techniqye


More to come soon…!

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