Astral projection techniques, and Meditations for relaxation.

Astral projection techniques, and Meditations for relaxation.

Hi guys, a little update for the site. Clearly nobody is reading this yet, but if anything I’ll look back on this post in a few years and think hey, this is where it all started. This site is going to be a hobby of mine for some years to come. It’s a great excuse to get back into an old interest and rekindle it. Astral Projection is such a fascinating subject and I hope that this site can help other people discover new things about it as a phenomenon of the mind.

Things that have been added since the last update:


Five great techniques for astral projection have been added to the site. You can find them here.┬áMore will be added as the site grows, but these five methods are the most well known and effective. The Monroe technique, named after Robert Monroe is usually everyone’s entry point into Astral projection. Robert Bruce’s ‘Rope technique‘ is also very well known and worth trying out. There are three others that are just as good too, so be sure to check them out!

Relaxation methods

I’ve started working on compiling some relaxation techniques┬áto add to the site. Relaxation is important for astral projection; your body and mind need to be content and at ease. Check out the relaxation techniques page for some methods to get your body into the right state for attempting an astral projection. You can also use the techniques in everyday life to reduce stress and be at ease.

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